Creams and beauty products: the right movements to apply them

Creams and beauty products: the right movements to apply them

Each cream has its own texture and every product has its function, each is applied differently to maximize its effectiveness. Find out what the right movements are for each product of your routine skincare.


The serum is to be applied before any cream and after the skin has been cleaned to perfection. If you use the derma roller, the serum should be applied immediately afterwards to increase its effectiveness. Both normal serums and boosters have a texture that is not too liquid but not too creamy or concentrated: they spread well and easily and are normally absorbed after a few minutes. Therefore the movements must be precise: first spread the serum from the inside towards the outside, then tap the skin to make it toned and, finally, always starting from the inside, spread the texture with the fingertips not yet absorbed.

Day cream and night cream

The face cream is generally not very liquid and tends to absorb itself quite quickly (not like serum, of course), while the night cream is rich and concentrated since it has to "work" for many hours. Therefore, although the movements and the sequences are the same, the results will be different: you will feel the layer of cream from night until morning and this also guarantees you a certain effectiveness. The cream is applied with the fingertips creating small dots on each area of ​​the face, then it is spread using the 4 long fingers of the hand and working from the inside towards the outside. Once finished, the application phase is massaged in the opposite direction to the force of gravity following the facial muscles.

Eye contour

The eye contour is very delicate so you only have to use the "gentler" finger which is the ring finger. Apply small doses of product and then describe circles around the orbital bone as if you were a small panda, starting from the corner of the eye towards the temples. If you have bags, wash your hands with cold water and then gently tap the eye area. Remember not to rub your eyes, but to let them rest by cupping your hands over them for a few minutes. There are also roll-on applicators that are used to massage the area: just use them describing a comma both above and below and you're done. Remember to always use ophthalmologically tested products especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Face mask

The masks can be very dense and concentrated, so you can help yourself with brushes to spread them. In any case, before applying them, it is better to widen the pores with a damp and warm towel for a few seconds. After applying the mask, let it act according to the instructions (from a minimum of 20 minutes to all night) and then remove it with a cloth soaked in cold water, or only with water unless it is a mask to be completely absorbed. In the case it will certainly not be a black mask!

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