Creams with hyaluronic acid: the best solutions to fight wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines need to find a beauty ally, hyaluronic acid cream is the answer

Hyaluronic acid, why does everyone like it? In addition to the serums, which are unmissable and absolutely must-have, hyaluronic acid creams live a golden moment becoming a solid point of the skincare routine of women (but also men).

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But why has it become so famous and now indispensable for anyone? Thanks to its moisturizing and plumping properties. Hyaluronic acid, thanks to its formulation and its different molecular weights, acts as a sponge allowing the cells to absorb water and thus giving more firmness to the skin. Not least, its anti-aging power thanks to its ability to retain water for a long time, restoring vitality and elasticity even to the most mature skins.

If you are wondering where hyaluronic acid originates and why is it so good for the skin? This component is already present in the connective tissues of man and its function is to protect the tissues and hydrate them. Unfortunately, with the passage of hyaluronic acid tends to decrease and, for this reason, it is good to integrate it with ad hoc face creams.

But which one to choose? We have selected the best ones for a young and luminous face 365 days a year.

RoC, Retinol Correxion® Line Smoothing Max Hydration Cream


Retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C: the triad of perfect skin is contained within the new cream signed by RoC. A face cream that allows you to obtain a more uniform texture and wrinkles and smooth fine lines as well as a more toned and radiant complexion.

Skinlabo, Active Cream With Hyaluronic Acid

SkinLabo ACTIVE CREAM WITH HYALURONIC ACIDThree different weights and sizes of hyaluronic acid that act together in this cream that allows. Excellent for combating wrinkles and fine lines. To be used morning and evening, massaging carefully until completely absorbed.

Somatoline Cosmetics, Lift Effect 4d Chrono-Filler Notte


A shock treatment designed to act during the night: thanks to the microspheres of Hyaluronic Acid with an immediate filler effect and a light and velvety texture, also ideal for a regenerating mask. A filler and anti-wrinkle action that also activates the microcirculation favoring cell regeneration.

Discover the Somatoline cream here.

111SKIN, Celestial Black Diamond Cream


Not only hyaluronic acid, this cream also contains black diamond particles that help the active ingredients penetrate the skin for more intense results and a more elastic and turgid skin. In addition, the areas of hyperpigmentation are treated with active lightening ingredients, thus decreasing the visibility of the darker areas.

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Agenov, Crema viso 24h “Amazonian Ingredients”

Agenov, Crema viso 24h “Amazonian Ingredients"

A moisturizing and anti-aging cream also perfect as a make-up base and to be used at any time when you feel the need for hydration. This is thanks to the fragmented hyaluronic acid which, with its low molecular weight, promotes penetration into the skin, preventing dehydration and plumping the tissues from the inside.

Douglas Skin Focus,48H Hydrating Rich Cream

Douglas, 48H Hydrating Rich Cream

The important thing to know when it comes to hyaluronic acid and creams that contain it, it is good to remember that it does not only concern more mature skins that show visible signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid is highly moisturizing and, for this reason, perfect for the driest skin that needs to find the right level of hydration. All this is contained in this Aqua Perfect line that stimulate the connective tissue cells and protect them from free radicals.

MIAMO, Hyaluronic Acid Cream


If talking about hydration you think rhymes with pore occlusion, you are wrong. Hyaluronic acid does not act on the surface but in depth by capturing the water inside the cells and, for this reason, it does not occlude the skin but leaves it silky and light. Ideal, therefore, also as a make-up base for optimal comfort throughout the day.

By Terry, Hyaluronic Global Face Cream

By Terry Hyaluronic Global Face Cream

Soft and light, a cream that absorbs quickly for an exaggerated boost of hydration, reducing the appearance of dry skin and giving brightness to the face. Also, inside, squalane that maintains hydration for a long-lasting softness, while niacinamide promotes the radiance of the skin.

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L’Erbolario, Face Cream for Combination Skin

L'Erbolario, Face Cream for Combination Skin

Even the most impure skins with small imperfections need hydration. For this reason it is possible to use a face cream with hyaluronic acid that combines the normalizing and dermo-purifying treatment with the moisturizing, elasticizing and compacting one.

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