Create your look with Fashion Room online

Create your look with Fashion Room online

We all dreamed of having an unlimited wardrobe, to be able to play endlessly with color combinations, accessories, clothes and create as many looks as our moods are on a particular day or at a particular time.

It's just what Fashion Room offers, thanks to a virtual wardrobe and a white space to be filled as we like with multicolored collages, looks to compose with our favorite images along with shoes, tops, bags, skirts and how much more we like of all the most famous fashion brands, from Armani to Dolce & Gabbana. There are also beauty products but also design furniture to set where we want, according to our most imaginative whims.
The instructions

Playing with Fashion Room is easy: just click on "create your look" and you can start right away. If you want to save the fruit of your experiments, you have to register and create a profile, to be enriched when you want with new collages and creations, to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, OkNotizie and other social media.
Here is a white space in front of you: this is where you will go to create your look. On the right, choose the category you want to start with in Clothing, Accessories, Cosmetics and Furniture and then click on a product photo or drag it with the mouse in the space.
At this point you can move it, enlarge it or make it smaller, rotate it and bring it to the foreground or below planes. Do the same with the other products, you can enter as many as you want! For an extra touch of creativity, click on the "decorations" tab and upload your favorite photos, as a background or to enrich the collage by combining them with the look.
When you are satisfied with your look you can save it in your profile and share it to comment on it with friends. It is also possible to create themed collections, grouping your looks and those of other profiles, participating in contests and saving products, looks and collections among the favorites. You can also export your look to show it on your blog or on your site. If you then want to materialize a product that you particularly like to wear it in real life, you can also buy it online by clicking on it.

Start right away: create your look online with Fashion Room

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