Create your over 50 look with the right sneakers! For a casual chic style!

Do you want to create an over 50 look that is perfect for your Sunday outing but you don’t know where to start? Definitely from the right sneakers! Exactly, because to create a casual chic look you need the right shoe!

Sometimes, also due to our lifestyle, we are used to wearing only one style of clothing. If we work in the office, for example, we have the feeling of not being able to get out of the abyss of elegant style, almost always made up of our beloved suits. But it happens that even when we have to go out we dress as if we were going to work. Has it ever happened to you? If the answer is yes you are on the right style guide, because here today CheWoman we will see how to create over 50 looks in a casual chic style!

Look over 50

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Shoes are the touch of style of our outfit. Based on the type of shoe we wear, our style changes completely. Get more formal or more sporty.

So, if we are over 50we have a trip out of town or a restaurant lunch with the family, we want to create a perfect look that is chic but also casual, what should we do? With the right shoe! Indeed, with the right sneakers!

Here’s how to create the perfect casual chic over 50 look starting from sneakers!

The sneaker can literally be combined with everything. So why not combine it with our Sunday lunch suit?

Look over 50

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to wear sneakers in our over 50 look:

  • suit and t-shirt: classic and always suitable is the suit. But if we are over 50 we must be able to make it less demanding. Such as? Wearing a basic t-shirt and a sneaker.
  • sweater, trench coat and jeans: to create a casual chic look, there is nothing better than wearing a look made up of jeans and a t-shirt, with a light trench coat and closing our favorite white sneakers.
  • total black: last, but not least, is the total black look, that is black shirt and trousers, to be made more sporty with the white sneaker! You will be perfect! By the way, don’t spend more than € 20 on your trendy accessories. It can be done, from Zara!

Look over 50

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See you next style guide! To keep up with all the hottest trends of the moment! Up here CheWoman!

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