Creative recycling: reducing waste with imagination!

Creative recycling: reducing waste with imagination!

What is creative recycling, where can we apply it and why is it important? Let’s see it with this post

Creative recycling is a beautiful way to test our imagination and do good for the environment by reducing the volume of waste. It is also the small gestures that can change things! Here are some ideas for you on how to make it at home quickly, easily and immediately, without the need for large tools.


  • Creative recycling: why it matters
  • Creative recycling: fashion
  • Creative recycling: paper and cardboard objects
  • Creative recycling: tin and glass objects
  • Creative recycling: unexpected objects!

Creative recycling: why it matters

It is often the small gestures that can make the difference. If you think about the volume of waste that is produced every day, both in the household and in the industrial one, you immediately realize that even a small drop can be helpful for the environment. Creative recycling allows you to extend the life of an object, so that it ends up in landfills as late as possible, or to find it a completely different intended use, thus making it useful.

On Pinterest in particular, the boards dedicated to creative recycling tutorials are many and there is really spoiled for choice. In fact, this practice can be adopted for many areas of consumption. Let’s see some of them together!

Creative recycling: fashion

The creative recycling of fashion brands

Fashion is my sector and here it is perhaps easier for me to make you understand how important creative recycling is. The mountains of fabric that are thrown into landfills are recovered for only 1% of the fiber that is recycled. So you understand that the less textile fiber ends up in landfills, the better it is for the environment. Finally, even the big brands seem to have noticed it, from Prada to Galliano for Antonio Marras, who have created real limited edition mini collections by recovering vintage pieces and giving them a new soul.

In addition to them, however, there are a myriad of small sustainable brands that recover old scrap pieces, perhaps thrown away because they have small defects, to create new garments, from clothing to accessories.

We recover the remnants with upcycling

But coming to the domestic practice, how can we do creative recycling? A valid method is that of upcycling, that is to restore value to a garment by transforming it. In this way, a pair of ripped jeans can become a pair of shorts, your little girl’s leggings that have become short and maybe worn on her knees can become summer shorts for kindergarten: you will only need a pair of phobics!

If, on the other hand, you have manual skills with needle and thread, there are many tutorials that teach you to cover holes or stains with simple and colorful thread designs, which will embellish your garment and make it unique.

We let our children play

If you have children then, you can recover the scraps of fabric in a thousand ways: making clothes for Barbie dolls (you just need a little bit of vinyl glue, some ribbons, even recovered from Christmas gifts, and a lot of imagination!), Cutting the pieces of fabric and making them weave to make collages to stick on a cardboard (the one of the shipping packages is fine), using them to cover the jam jars and create original pen holders.

Creative recycling

Creative recycling: paper and cardboard objects

Rolls of toilet paper and various cards

With my daughters we often play at creating characters with the finished toilet paper rolls, covering them with colored paper. The theater is made from an old box, to which we made the curtains with scraps of fabric and chopsticks for sushi as sticks. Even cereal boxes or similar cards are suitable for this purpose: you just need scissors and markers and you can invent any type of animal and character! If you have no imagination or do not know where to start, look for the tutorials on the web, there are dozens of them.


Packaging also lends itself to creating many different objects: as I said above, a box can become a theater or be used as a base for drawings that require wet colors, such as tempera, acrylics or watercolors.

Newspapers and magazines

Sheets of newspapers and magazines, on the other hand, are exceptional for covering boxes, books and notebooks and giving them a uniform and orderly effect. Here too, glue and scissors are enough!

Creative recycling

Creative recycling: tin and glass objects

Vases and jars

Glass food containers can be transformed into many different things: old jam jars can become wonderful candle holders to put on the balcony, bottles of vases for a single flower, dry or fresh. In addition, the larger jars can become excellent containers for loose foods in your pantry: biscuits, legumes, pasta, rice … you will see how beautiful your shelves will be with many transparent jars in which you can see everything!

Tin cans

Well-cleaned tin cans, if covered with string (you just need some vinyl glue), can be transformed into object holders with a shabby chic taste or into vases for plants and flowers.

Creative recycling

Creative recycling: unexpected objects!

By unsuspected objects I mean all those things that are automatically thrown away without even thinking about it, such as bottle caps for example, or pencils when they become too small to be held in the hand. If you collect many of these objects, you can use them to make frames, jewels, even non-slip mats with corks. On the web there is really everything!

So, if you realize that in your home you often generate the same type of waste, try to see on the Internet if there are any tutorials that can help you turn it into something useful, or even a work of art!

Creative recycling

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