Cristiana Capotondi: love with Andrea Pezzi and thoughts on motherhood

Cristiana Capotondi: love with Andrea Pezzi and thoughts on motherhood

For years linked to Andrea Pezzi, the actress has not yet become a mother and explains why

Cristiana Capotondi, love for Andrea Pezzi, films and passions

A solid love and a brilliant career, that of Cristiana Capotondi, always ready to take different directions. Heard by the weekly F, the beautiful actress focused on the relationship that binds her to Andrea Pezzi and on the free choice to become a mother, without impositions by the company.

Cristiana Capotondi and Andrea Pezzi have been together for many years now, but they have not yet become parents. Balance and mutual esteem were the key ingredients to make their relationship strong, which was not affected by the echo generated by the cumbersome work of both.

The sentimental dimension in which Cristiana Capotondi finds herself immersed is one of the totalizing ones, in which no shortcomings are felt. For this reason, her thinking on motherhood seems to be solid: “In our culture, motherhood seems necessary in the life of a woman. But there are other ways to realize the maternal instinct: Mother Teresa of Calcutta had no children, but who could say she was not maternal? ".

The issue of motherhood has often been debated by Cristiana Capotondi, even publicly and with rigid positions. The actress has always stated that she wants to claim the right to choose without impositions, giving herself all the time necessary to decide. The children could therefore arrive or not arrive: "Life is made up of many experiences, that of motherhood must be extraordinary but everyone must arrive at their own times".

Cristiana Capotondi and Andrea Pezzi grew up together and consider themselves a family. Their union, which has lasted for a long time, has always been far from gossip despite both being well-known characters and much loved by the public. For the moment, the possibility of a marriage is not being considered.

Among the great passions he has cultivated over the years, there is also that of singing. For some time, in fact, Cristiana Capotondi has decided to take lessons to improve her technique. Music is also everyday life, in the Pezzi-Capotondi house, which often have fun by spending their time in long evenings dedicated to karaoke. The actress also stated that she prefers female voices, preferring pieces by Ornella Vanoni, Arisa, Malika Ayane, Adele and Mia Martini.

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  • Cristiana Capotondi, love for Andrea Pezzi, films and passions

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