Cristina Buccino: "How I conquered Ronaldo"

Cristina Buccino: "How I conquered Ronaldo"

The sexy Cristina Buccino, ex shipwrecked on the Island of the Famous 2015, tells how she met and bewitched the Portuguese bomber in Ibiza

Cristina Buccino, from Castrovillari to … Cristiano Ronaldo.

The beautiful showgirl, sexy ex shipwrecked on the Island of the Famous 2015, "stumbled" in that of Ibiza in the Portuguese bomber, the new European champion, and between a glance and a drink in the disco, we ran away for an invitation to dinner.

All documented by the weekly Chi, which not only publishes the photos of the meeting, but also reports Cristina's statements.

Ibiza is not that big. The places you go to dinner, those where you want to have fun, are reduced to four, maximum five. I came to this place and Cristiano Ronaldo was there. We met, noticed, our eyes met and then he invited me to dinner, as a true gentleman. He's a great good guy ..

When asked if something lasting was born between them, Cristina Buccino, prudent, replies:

Gossip burns fast and I don't want gossip about something that could possibly turn into a good story. Cristiano and I met by chance, we talk to each other. The meeting with him is something that has impressed me positively and now I try to understand what will happen

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