Cristina Chiabotto, love holidays with her husband Marco Roscio


Special holidays for Cristina Chiabotto and Marco Roscio: the couple shares their gratitude on Instagram after returning from vacation

Special holidays for Cristina Chiabotto and Marco Roscio: the couple is back from a well-deserved vacation between Italy and Turkey, spent with their dearest loved ones. On Instagram there was no lack of updates of this wonderful adventure, it is no coincidence that Marco – in the throes of nostalgia – shared these words on his profile:

Summer 2020 – Long awaited, longed for and already flown away! Italy and Turkey, family holidays in special places!

Cristina also resorted to social media to thank her husband and the time spent together in the magnificent landscapes of the beautiful country and the Turkish Riviera. His is pure gratitude, which indicates how the former Miss Italy looks at the world around her:

After an unforgettable summer between Italy and Turkey full of family, love and landscapes that will remain forever.
I am grateful to life for all that it continues to give me. My heart is full of warmth, of beautiful souls, of sunsets in the middle of the sea, of special dinners, of cracked laughter, of eyes shining with emotion, of turquoise water but above all of PURE LOVE.

The couple has visited many places: Italy was crossed by Marco and Cristina from north to south, passing through the Ligurian Riviera and the magnificent flowers of Sanremo, up to the beautiful stacks of Capri, visited in July with some friends. .

After the holiday, therefore, the two reunited with their dog Paper, who often appears on the Instagram profiles of Marco and Cristina. The puppy already has several admirers who praise her for her tenderness in the comments of her owners' social networks.
Although there are already three of them, the family could expand soon: in this regard, even the weekly Today last July immortalized the former Miss Italy in Portofino with a suspicious roundness. Of course, this is just a guess, but pregnancy would be just the icing on the cake of this fairytale wedding.

Cristina and Marco met just a year before the wedding, but love overwhelmed them so much that they didn't want to wait long for the fateful "yes": the two got married in the Church of Sant'Uberto, at inside the Reggia di Venaria in Turin, with an incredible ceremony, but off limits for journalists. After all, the attention had previously been channeled by Cristina, who before the wedding had gone on vacation with all her closest friends, to celebrate the bachelorette party in Tel Aviv.

It would seem distant, therefore, the contrast that arose between Cristina Chiabotto and her ex Fabio Fulco: the two broke up after 10 years together and – unfortunately – the digs were not lacking: the Neapolitan actor, interviewed by the magazine Intitudine, had declared that his ex's ways didn't always suit him, adding that he should "always show respect for people."

The former Miss Italy ignored this statement, limiting herself to sharing a selfie accompanied by the phrase "I believe in the power of a smile": after all, it is with this philosophy that Cristina has changed her private life, enjoying her happiness and her unreserved love for Marco.

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