“Cristina Chiabotto pregnant for the second time 10 months after giving birth”

"Cristina Chiabotto pregnant for the second time 10 months after giving birth"

According to some rumors, Cristina Chiabotto is again pregnant: her first child was born only 10 months ago

First the troubled end of her historic relationship, then the meeting with Marco Roscio and the beginning of an overwhelming love, which led to the birth of her little Luce Maria: the last few years have been quite eventful for Cristina Chiabotto. And apparently there are more news on the way. In fact, it is rumored that she is pregnant again, just 10 months after giving birth. With great joy for her and for her family, of course.

Cristina Chiabotto pregnant again, the indiscretion

It is true, Cristina Chiabotto has never hidden the desire to expand the family, even after the birth of her first child. But that everything could happen so quickly we did not expect. In fact, it seems that the beautiful showgirl is pregnant with her second child, who would arrive a short distance from her firstborn Luce Maria. At the moment, these are only indiscretions, which Chiabotto and her partner have not yet confirmed – nor denied, to tell the truth.

The news is given by the weekly Diva e Donna, which has also published photos in which suspicious roundness can be glimpsed. According to the magazine, both she and Marco are over the moon and can’t wait to welcome the new baby. The happy news (should she find confirmation) comes only a few months after the birth of Cristina Chiabotto: on May 21, 2021, the soubrette gave birth to her first daughter.

Cristina Chiabotto and Marco Roscio, the love story

It seems that things are going well between Cristina and Marco, so much so that both have gotten into gear and accelerated dramatically. The two met at the stadium – they share a passion for Juventus – and, thanks to some friends, they were able to immediately deepen their knowledge. Chiabotto was a veteran of the difficult separation from Fabio Fulco, with whom she had shared 12 years of her life. Theirs was a troubled breakup, but both managed to move on.

Since that moment, the showgirl has literally forged ahead. After less than a year of dating with Marco Roscio, a Piedmontese entrepreneur, she decided to get married with a splendid ceremony at the Reggia di Venaria, a fantastic location. And then came the good news: the announcement of her first pregnancy had conquered all the fans of the beautiful showgirl, who became a mother for the first time in the spring of 2021. And now, it seems, she would be ready to embark on a new one. , exciting adventure.

For his family, Chiabotto put his career on hold. Since her showbiz debut, dating back to the year she was crowned Miss Italy, she had never stopped. Many of her television appearances that made her famous, with some forays into radio and even the theater. But for some years now Cristina has made the decision to devote herself to her affections, moving away (momentarily) from the TV. A choice she has never regretted, because she herself admitted that she adored the time spent with her husband and her daughter.

Cristina Chiabotto and Marco Roscio

Cristina Chiabotto and Marco Roscio

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