Cristina Chiabotto pregnant: the name of the daughter and when she will give birth

Cristina Chiabotto

Cristina Chiabotto, pregnant with Marco Roscio, confesses about pregnancy: the date of birth and the name of the daughter

Cristina Chiabotto is pregnant and confesses, talking about pregnancy with Instagram followers. The former Miss Italy is expecting a daughter to marry Marco Roscio and could not be happier. The showgirl is in her sixth month and is experiencing this magical moment of her life with great enthusiasm. The birth is scheduled for May and Cristina can't wait to hold her baby in her arms.

"The deadline is scheduled for May 4th – she explained, stating that the pregnancy is going well -. Luckily for now, well, I'm having some wonderful moments and I can enjoy everything, I'm really lucky ". Chiabotto has confessed to having already chosen the name of the little girl, but will reveal it only in some time. "We are almost there and who knows maybe in the next few days I will give you some clues – he revealed -. Stay connected ”.

The former Miss Italy also replied to those who asked her how many kilos she gained in pregnancy. "I'm 1.84 tall and weighed 69 kg before pregnancy," she revealed. Cristina said she felt full of energy and discovered her softer side, dreaming of the moment when she will become a mother. “Apart from when I get emotional about everything (it was even before the pregnancy) not much has changed,” she said. Meanwhile, the model has already started preparing her daughter's bedroom. "For now it is work in progress", he confessed, showing a pink room in which there will also be a painting made by Cristina that represents a pink balloon and is the very first gift for her daughter. "My first painting for you – commented Chiabotto -, with the wish to be happy, flying free in your sky of life".

The little girl comes to consolidate a love born in 2018 after the end of Cristina's relationship with Fabio Fulco, her historic ex to whom she has been linked for over ten years. In 2019, Chiabotto married Marco Roscio, a Turin entrepreneur who stole her heart, and it was with him that she chose to create a family, realizing the dream of becoming a mother.

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