Cristina D'Avena in a bikini with her sister on Instagram: simply gorgeous

Cristina D'Avena in a bikini with her sister on Instagram: simply gorgeous

Cristina D'Avena shows herself in a bikini on Instagram with her sister Clarissa: the 56-year-old singer is gorgeous

The VIPs over 40 in costume

The summer of Cristina D'Avena continues, who has bewitched everyone on Instagram by posting a photo in which she is in a bikini with her sister. The singer is very close to Clarissa and the two spent the summer together, swimming and boat trips. 56 years old and a long career in the world of music, D'Avena sports a perfect body in costume and her sister is no exception. "Clarissa D’Avena and I like Terry and Maggie … Magic Girls", wrote the artist who has received many likes and comments from fans who complimented her.

Cristina was only three and a half years old when she performed on TV for the first time singing the waltz of the gnat next to the Magician Zurlì. It was 1968 and since then D'Avena's success has never stopped with a dazzling career that led her to sell over 7 million records, duet with great artists on the notes of unforgettable hits like Pollon troublemaker, The Smurfs know , Mila and Shiro, two hearts in volleyball, I love you Denver and Cat's eyes. “I have always loved to show my femininity, without ever being vulgar – she explained to Corriere della Sera, talking about her bikini photos on Instagram that surprised the fans – (…) I think I am very good fairy, temperamentally. But I have all the determination necessary for my work, which is beautiful, but demanding. Apart from now because of Covid, I have always played a lot of concerts: when 15-20 thousand people are waiting for you, you feel the responsibility. And getting tired: I move in the car, I never take the plane ".

A summer, that of Cristina D'Avena, dedicated to relaxation, including boat trips, videos posted on Instagram and smiles. The singer allowed herself a little rest in the company of her family, but above all with her partner. The two have been linked for many years, but the artist has always wanted to defend his private life. Despite being a very famous character, Cristina rarely spoke of the bond with her boyfriend. "There is too much curiosity on this subject – he explained, stating that he does not want to reveal anything about him -. We have been together for ten years: we had mutual friends ”.

Cristina D'Avena Instagram

Cristina D'Avena – Source: Instagram

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