Cristina D'Avena teaches us how to wear a bikini at the age of 57. The photo on Instagram

Cristina D'Avena teaches us how to wear a bikini at the age of 57. The photo on Instagram

Cristina D'Avena shares her first bikini photo of summer 2021 on Instagram and gives us a style lesson

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The queens of summer: the VIPs compete with each other in bikini shots. Who win?

Cristina D'Avena, who will turn 57 on July 6, shared her first bikini photo of 2021 on Instagram and is simply perfect. The singer who broke into the hearts of all the children gave a style lesson to each of us, showing us how to pass the costume test without difficulty.

Cristina D'Avena is photographed posing as an irreverent mermaid on the rocks of Liguria and publishes the shot on her Instagram page, leaving everyone breathless. The singer chooses a black bikini, the most classic of swimsuits (see the trendy models for this summer) and is promoted with flying colors.

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The model worn by Cristina enchants her because it perfectly enhances all the strong points of her body, starting with the décolleté, well enhanced by the half-moon of the bra, made original by ton sur ton applications. While the briefs, with feminine bows on the hips, are high-cut to the right point, without excessive exaggeration.

The photo quickly becomes viral, it is not even the first time it has happened since almost every year Cristina D'Avena undergoes the costume test on social media, always enjoying great success. All her fans share the opinion that she is beautiful and very attractive.

Certainly, for her time seems to have never passed, also thanks to the very long hair that makes her look even more like a Venus coming out of the water. The queen of cartoons recently had sparked by participating on TV8 in Name that Tune, the musical game hosted by Enrico Papi. For the occasion, Cristina had launched into the Lip Sync Duel, transforming herself into Lady Gaga complete with a yellow bustier. And even there he showed off his determination and his sensual charge.

Speaking of energy, after a relaxing weekend by the sea, Cristina D'Avena takes the stage in Piacenza, protagonist of the #Marluricaricamore show at Palazzo Farnese.

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Cristina D'Avena, the photo on Instagram

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