Cristina Del Basso pregnant: expecting a baby boy

Cristina Del Basso pregnant: expecting a baby boy

The ex-gieffina, 28, is about to become a mother for the first time. Dad is an entrepreneur from Varese with some having a relationship for some time. For them blue bow

From Big Brother to mom, Cristina Del Basso is pregnant (LOOK AT THE PHOTOGALLERY).

The news of the ex gieffina's pregnancy had already circulated in early May. But now new details are emerging, first of all the sex of the unborn child. Cristina is expecting a nice boy, according to what Chi writes. For her, 28, he is the first child.

A competitor of the ninth edition of Big Brother, Del Basso has been linked for some time to an entrepreneur from Varese. Now the two are about to become parents. A remarkable commitment, who knows if it will be crowned by a wedding. Meanwhile, the engagement ring is there, at least judging from the photo that Cristina posted on social media, where you can see her hand and finger with a necklace with three diamonds. She says nothing, only comments on the ladybug that has landed on her hand.

Del Basso is not unbalanced even on her pregnancy, perhaps through superstition. The fact is that for the moment she only publishes images of her explosive décolleté on her profiles that made her famous on TV. We therefore look forward to seeing the baby bump rise, just like that of Luisa Ranieri. Who knows if she will give up her femme fatale image that has always distinguished her when she is struggling with feedings and diapers.

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