Cristina Marino shines in a bikini on Instagram and responds to criticism

Cristina Marino shines in a bikini on Instagram and responds to criticism

On Instagram, Cristina Marino shines in a bikini and responds in tone to the criticisms of some users

The spatial physicist of Cristina Marino, "goddess" with two loves: fitness and Luca Argentero

Cristina Marino shines in a bikini on Instagram and responds to criticism from followers. Luca Argentero's partner shows off perfect shape a few months after giving birth. Last May the model and actress gave birth to little Nina Speranza, the couple's first daughter.

Very active on social media, Cristina recounted on her profile a summer made of love and tenderness, with Luca and her little girl. In the latest shots posted on Instagram, Marino sports a sculpted body in a bikini and is gorgeous. The photo collected many Likes and compliments, but also some comments to which the actress responded in kind. “Breast remodeled at 29 cannot be seen”, someone wrote and Cristina replied: “Who are you talking about? Maybe you got the wrong photo ”.

Someone then criticized her diet: "We would all become like this if we ate avocado and salad every day, I've never seen you post meat or a dessert", commented a user and the actress's response was dry: "The next time of sending the photo for approval ". Finally a follower wrote: "Blessed are you who have all the time in the world" and Marino replied: "This is the story that we should tell ourselves more".

Beautiful and full of character, the actress entered Luca Argentero's life a few years ago after leaving Myriam Catania with whom she lived a long and intense love affair. After the divorce, Catania had a son with Quentin Kammermann, while the Italian star decided to build a family with the colleague he met on the set of Vacanze ai Caribbean. In recent months, Cristina and Luca have enjoyed their new life as parents, cuddling little Nina Speranza.

"I would like to have three children – said the actress some time ago -. I am young and have plenty of time. If it were up to Luca, who is an enthusiast, we would bring an entire football team into the world. We both come from families whose parents are still in love after so many years. I think this example is fundamental in building a lasting couple: he and I share the same interests and we have fun without ever arguing “.

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