Cristina Parodi and Giorgio Gori celebrate their anniversary on Instagram: "Another time yes"

Cristina Parodi and Giorgio Gori celebrate their anniversary on Instagram: "Another time yes"

For her 25th anniversary, Cristina Parodi publishes a splendid dedication of love to her Giorgio Gori

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Exactly 25 years ago they pronounced the fateful yes, and what better time to take a dip in the sweetest memories? Cristina Parodi and Giorgio Gori also celebrate their wedding anniversary on Instagram, where the journalist dedicated wonderful words of love to her husband.

For her silver wedding, Cristina Parodi shared some beautiful photos from her memory album on social media. Photos that retrace her romantic love story with Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo, with whom the journalist got married on 1 October 1995. At the time, the two lovers had chosen a very simple ceremony, which was held in Carpaneto (in the province of Alessandra) in the presence of their dearest loved ones. And now Parodi goes back to those wonderful moments, which marked the beginning of a satisfying married life full of surprises.

"Another time yes" – wrote Cristina on Instagram, as a comment to some photos that don't need many words. We see her radiant next to her husband Giorgio, who kisses her tenderly on the forehead, while she holds a beautiful bouquet of white flowers in her hands. Furthermore, leafing through the album, we can admire some of their happy moments. Among the stories of Instagram, then, Parodi shared a shot of her wedding, first published by a dear friend of hers: “Together it's a beautiful place” – reads the caption.

Cristina Parodi and Giorgio Gori have always been one of the most solid couples on the Italian television scene. When they met, he was the director of Canale 5, while she was the leading face of Tg5, a talented journalist on the launching pad for a brilliant career. Their love story is truly splendid and crowned with three very important milestones: in 1996 the eldest daughter Benedetta arrived, followed a year later by Alessandro and in 2001 by Angelica. Their wonderful boys complete a picture that truly looks like a masterpiece.

"We are here, he and I, 25 years later with the desire to be together and to share: we are two halves" – Parodi revealed in an interview with Chi, just a few months ago. And about the years spent at Giorgio's side, he said: "They were intense and beautiful, full of everything that can be in a love story".

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Cristina Parodi's post – Photo: Instagram

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