Cristina Parodi, first lady of Bergamo, celebrates with Michelle Obama's dress

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From conducting to the role of fist lady. Who better than she can interpret this part, in the Renzian left to which the consort, Giorgio Gori contributed? For Cristina Parodi, a television journalist who, a few months after her first RAI experience after years living in Mediaset, her husband Giorgio's electoral victory meant passing definitively to the other side of the barricade.

For the former T55 bust, the election of Gori as mayor of Bergamo meant having to face the first interviews, the first analyzes, the first evaluations beyond the congratulations.

"For me it is a big news: I don't know how it will be. It is a great emotion for what happened and I am very happy for him. Now our life will surely change". These were the first words spoken by the new first lady of Bergamo who was wearing a white checkered dress that Michelle Obama had worn, at the time when the Americans confirmed Barack Obama.

A quote that will make the house that produces this model become iconic from the Twitter publication of the embrace between the president and his wife who was wearing that dress.

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