Cristina Parodi with an open heart, on Instagram remembers the emotion of her first TG5

Cristina Parodi with an open heart, on Instagram remembers the emotion of her first TG5

A much loved face, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his first TG5 he shared with his followers the emotions and enthusiasm of that adventure

Cristina Parodi, the prophetic encounter with Lady Diana

Cristina Parodi, the prophetic encounter with Lady Diana

The emotion of the first few times is always something unforgettable, the memories carry with them a load of emotion and gratitude. And Cristina Parodi knows well that she has decided to tell with an open heart an important moment in her career as a television journalist.

She did it through her Instagram profile where she published three images that portray her 30 years ago on the occasion of the first edition of TG5 conducted by her.

Photos which show that not too distant past, that emotion of being part of a good team and the joy of an important step in one’s career.

Cristina Parodi, the post on Instagram full of emotions

A yellow suit, a happy look and a touch of emotion. And then again together with my colleague Cesara Buonamici. Finally, a group photo with colleagues, among which the then director Enrico Mentana and Lamberto Sposini stand out, just to mention two names. To accompany this carousel full of memories, words full of gratitude and beauty.

In addition to the Instagram post, in fact, Cristina Parodi wrote: “It seems incredible to me that thirty years have passed but I remember perfectly, as if it were yesterday, the emotion and enthusiasm of that first edition of TG5 that I conducted on January 13 in 1992 at 1 pm, wearing a bright yellow Max Mara suit ”, remembers the journalist and TV presenter.

Then he added: “They have been incredible and unforgettable years and I am very proud to have been part of that team, led by Enrico Mentana, which has changed the face of Italian television information”. There was no lack of likes and comments to the post, among which the one of Enrico Mentana who wishes his former editorial colleague stands out.

Time has passed since then, but Cristina Parodi teaches us that certain moments in life are so important that they remain etched in the memory. That day TG5 was born and the edition hosted by Cristina Parodi was the first on air at 1pm.

What Cristina Parodi does today

Journalist, presenter, writer: Cristina Parodi has a long career behind her, full of many satisfactions and over time she has become an increasingly popular face in Italian homes.

His is a family dedicated to information, in fact both his sister Benedetta and his brother Roberto are journalists. Cristina Parodi, since 1995, has been married to Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo, and together they form one of the most solid and long-lived couples on the Italian television scene. They had three children: Benedetta, Alessandro and Angelica.

On the working level, the last few years on television have seen her first on Domenica In (2018 – 2019), then on the conduct of La prima volta (on Rai 1 in the 2018 – 2019 season) and finally presenter for the Campiello Award in 2020.

In April 2021, however, she was the guest of Canzone secret and Serena Rossi, for a moment full of emotions with her best friends. In 2021 Cristina Parodi was the godmother of the AIRC campaign The incomplete pink ribbon against the most aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Very busy, always elegant and never over the top: in the post on Instagram she opened her heart to her followers by telling a special and exciting moment in her career.

Cristina Parodi's Instagram post on TG5

The post on Instagram by Cristina Parodi

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