Cristina Plevani: "Why I never talk about Pietro Taricone"

Cristina Plevani: "Why I never talk about Pietro Taricone"

Cristina Plevani returns to talk about Pietro Taricone and the choice not to publicly remember the former competitor of the "GF"

Cristina Plevani answers those who ask her why she never talks about Pietro Taricone. The former winner of the first Big Brother in the past lived an intense love story with the actor right inside the Cinecittà house. It was the 2000s when the GF debuted on TV, forever changing the history of the small screen. At the time, the tenants of the loft did not yet know that success would overwhelm them, revolutionizing their lives.

After the end of Big Brother, Pietro Taricone began a career as an actor meeting the great love of his life on the set: Kasia Smutniak. The rest is history: a fairytale love story, the birth of the couple's daughter, Sophie, and finally the tragic accident, which occurred in 2010. Since then, no one has ever forgotten Taricone and many have wanted to remember him on February 4, 2021, the day in which would have turned 46.

On the occasion of Taricone's birthday, some fans asked Cristina Plevani why she was silent. The personal trainer has always been very reserved about her bond with Pietro, trying to respect the pain of Kasia and her family. A position that Cristina continues to maintain today, as she explained herself on Twitter. “Someone asks me why I never talk about it – he said -, I don't remember it on social media in memory. Because it's my way of showing him respect and because I believe that there is someone at home who doesn't care about seeing him with me. " Shortly after, Plevani added: “I think the situation is different. I was not his girlfriend. I don't have to go on TV to talk about him, it's not up to me but to those who really knew him ”.

To remember Pietro, Kasia Smutniak in recent years has created a non-profit organization operating in Nepal, the destination of a romantic and adventurous journey that the actress had made with Taricone. “Peter and I were only once in Mustang – he said -. Only once. And that was enough to fall in love with that place, with the culture, with the people… I never thought that exactly 8 years later I would return, alone with a daughter, to build a school! It all started with Pietro. One day he came home with an idea, one of his many crazy ideas, screaming let's go to Nepal! ".

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