Cristina Quaranta’s suit at Verissimo is ideal for Sunday

The showgirl Cristina Quaranta with her disarming sincerity conquered the audience of Canale 5 and not only the Big Brother Vip but also and above all outside the house. In the meantime, she has made a name for herself for her bon ton celestial outfit. Let’s copy it!

Life is made up of ups and downs and even those that always seem to us to be in the “high” phase often have problems that they keep to themselves. From It is not Rai many of the current Italian actresses and TV presenters have come out but, as is normal, at some point you can leave the world of entertainment and devote yourself to something else. She stated that she participated in GF Vip 7 for money and that in her daily life with two jobs she would have earned them in too much time.

Cristina Quaranta in a light blue suit 1-11-22.

Source: Canva.

To be admired for the frankness and for the choice of a sober but decisive look, like her. Here’s how to get inspired by this timeless style.

Cristina Quaranta shows herself elegant and flawless in Verissimo’s living room

We have seen Carolina Marconi depopulate with the golden dress and she too, like our today’s vip, is back on the small screen after a long time in very good shape. If we know that the celestial is good for us then let’s start the research with these trendy proposals.

In celestial Cristina Quaranta 1-11-22.

Source: Instagram.

A likely suit for winter is the corduroy one by I Love Little Dresses to 195 euros. For the day, better if out of town – or at least far from the office – it is a valid alternative to the usual basic that we see around. Beware of shoes because here a men’s leather boot or Gucci will look better instead of sneakers that instead have the best with lighter garments.

With Renaissance here is the double-breasted jacket with golden buttons and fitted line (149.90 euros) and the mid flared trousers in technical fabric, with a high waist, light blue, with front pleat (89.90 euros). The high heel is a must and you can play with the match of the moment that sees strawberry pink everywhere or with a more classic nude.

Colored suits for women 1-11-22.

Source: Pinterest.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for a lady outfit for Sunday family breakfast or for the invitation to the home of the couple of friends, then on Zalando there is Na-Kd which is right for us. The blue tends to be lighter and the blazer, slightly long on the hips, structured, costs 74.97 euros (already discounted by 20%). The trousers, on the other hand, are medium-waisted and soft and have a price of 57.95 euros.

There is a solution for everyone, the important thing is to adapt to the occasions and make a virtue of necessity, like the beautiful Cristina.

Silvia Zanchi