Crocs, from the stars to the stock market crash

Crocs, from the stars to the stock market crash

This is the news that this summer has bounced between newspapers and the Internet: the manufacturer of the colorful Crocs clogs is in black crisis, practically at risk of bankruptcy.

Started in 2002, the adventure of the three American friends from Boulder (Colorado) resulted in the sale of around one hundred million pieces in 7 years, more than half of which outside the North American market. The plinth made of a special anti-slip, anti-odor and anti-microbial foam that reproduces the classic hospital shoe had conquered everyone, also thanks to numerous involuntary testimonials: Hollywood actors like Halle Berry, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, a large group of baby celebrities and personalities such as Geoge W. Bush. All caught in informal situations with the now inseparable Crocs on their feet, often oblivious to the homeless effect they sometimes give.

The public split in two on the aesthetic side of the perforated base: the absolute detractors (see the blog have made it the perfect embodiment of the yankee bad taste, while the most ardent supporters praise their talents also with videos to hoc and never manage to separate from it. Like the actress Brooke Shields, she went too far in combining it with the evening dress or the chef Mario Batali, who owns thirty pairs, all orange.

But let's go back to the reasons for the crisis, which is unexplainable for many, given the worldwide success of Crocs. To explain the dismissal of almost 2000 people and the millionaire losses (185 million dollars only in 2008) the Washington Post tries: "if a product is in fact indestructible, buyers will rarely need to replace it". In short, the trouble would be that they are too resistant.
But it is not enough to explain the collapse. In fact, Crocs are also easily imitated and it is difficult to distinguish the originals at a glance from one of the many counterfeits found on the market at much lower prices. <
In fact, not least cause of the crisis, it would be the cost of the foam clogs: imitations cost from 3 to 9 dollars, the originals for adults arrive at 30 in the United States, in Italy they cost 40-45 euros.

On the brink of bankruptcy, the manufacturer tries its last card, the most prestigious: George Clooney who, mindful of his past in the ward, would have offered himself as a testimonial to save the mythical hoof. In spite of who the Crocs see them practically at sunset.

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