Crow's feet: 4 things not to do to avoid them

Crow's feet: 4 things not to do to avoid them

Sign of the advancing age, but some women in their thirties play in advance: these are the most common mistakes that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

Some find them precious, some, like Magnani, indispensable, others see them as sunbeams: crow's feet trigger new age reactions especially in women who have given up fighting. Never bury the hatchet: in addition to a healthy routine skincare, a few tricks are enough to slow down the formation of small wrinkles, and sometimes postpone it for many years.

Wear sunglasses

Needless to find excuses: if you've never worn sunglasses for years, it's time to do it. The small periocular wrinkles are given above all by the repetitive facial movements that over time break collagen and elastin, substances that keep the skin young and turgid. If you don't wear sunglasses, a ray of light, a reflection in the snow, but also smoke can annoy the eyes that will tend to narrow more often causing micro fractures. Over time these fine lines become real furrows in the skin. So sunglasses all your life: the best purchase you can make!

Rub? Never

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and delicate. Rubbing your eyes when you are tired, at the first sign of headache or to remove make-up and make-up can break the collagen present in the area. Therefore it is mandatory to never rub, but massage with the ring finger by gently dabbing and tapping the area. Be careful when you make-up, it is a delicate task to perform with care without making mistakes: better to let the cleansing milk act a little before passing the cotton pad more firmly but always lightly.

The right position to sleep

Do you love sleeping on your stomach? A real problem, because the pressure of the pillow and night shifts from one cheek to another can cause small wrinkles that become permanent over time. The advice is to sleep supine. It can be difficult, but if you change your habit your back will thank you too.

Protect yourself from the sun

Who doesn't like to expose themselves to the sun for hours, to feel the heat on the skin that embraces from the tip of the toes to the last lock of hair? Yet it is one of the first causes of aging: keep it in mind. Therefore always protect – even in winter – your skin from sunlight and use appropriate creams that also contain specific anti-aging formulas for the eye area.

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