Crystal therapy: properties and use of the heliotrope

Crystal therapy: properties and use of the heliotrope

The heliotrope is a stone belonging to the quartz family, dark green in color with reddish streaks, also called blood jasper.

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The heliotrope is a stone already known in ancient times and used to increase physical and mental energy, as well as to calm and cheer up.

Today its virtues are exploited in crystal therapy, a holistic discipline, which is based on the assumption that stones and minerals, through vibrational and energy exchanges, can act positively on the well-being and harmony of the body in general. Each stone has its specific properties and to enjoy their benefits, generally minerals are applied to certain points of the body or are brought into contact with the skin or still placed in the environment in which they live. In reality, the use can also change depending on the problem to be treated and the stone used.

The heliotrope contributes to making people more lucid in stressful situations, reducing anxiety and a sense of bewilderment and chaos. For this reason it can be useful in times of change and when you have to adapt to new situations. By acting on the nervous system, it reduces aggression and impatience, in favor of greater mental clarity.

On a physical level, it stimulates detoxification and purification of the body. In fact, it acts on the lymphatic system and strengthens the immune system. In particular, its salutary effect is felt in the heart, liver, kidneys and spleen.

To take advantage of the benefits of the heliotrope it is recommended to take it with you, as an amulet, in contact with the skin, in the form of a pendant or pendant or simply keeping it in your pocket or resting it on the body for a few minutes (preferably at the height of the second chakra) . Placed in the pillowcase it helps a regenerating sleep. It can also be helpful to keep with you during the moments of meditation.

The simplest and most practical method to clean and refill the heliotrope after use is to immerse it for a few hours in cold salted water. When you notice that it becomes fragile and tends to break, it is time to change it. For the purchase it is good to turn to specialized dealers, serious and trusted, so that you do not buy a low quality stone.

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