Crystal transparencies for a home that speaks of you: our furnishing ideas

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The latest trends for the furnishing of your home are irresistible: the completely “transparent” collection of objects is a design jewel!

If you think that to recreate a refined and unique style you need who knows what, with this guide you will overturn your idea of ​​design. Just follow the tricks and know the latest trends in the fashion factor. Discover the collection of objects which has been successful in the last fairs dedicated to the theme. Your home will be embellished and become a real crystal: do you know that these are “transparencies” that will give a touch of elegance? Revolutionize your furnishing idea: the secret is in the details!

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We are ready to reveal to you what it is, first you will have to renew your conception of furniture. Elegance is the result of very specific choices, but which do not necessarily have to follow the rigid dictates of a fashion made for others, because it can become your unique and inimitable style.

How? Starting from the fact that the collection of objects in question is something sought after, but which once entered your home will give added value to every corner.

The protagonist of today is a material: glass, delicate and with imaginative shapes and colors, gives an intimate atmosphere to home furnishings. Inserting glass objects, such as vases, leads directly into a dream dimension, and there is a very specific reason.

Object collection 2022: glass is your dimension

Glass is the material that allows yours personal collection of objects to recreate an intimate and harmonious space. Dreaming of the element means that in that phase of life you are experiencing delicate issues, and that in part you feel fragile.

objects collection proposals and ideas

source: created by Canva

But the hardness of the material is also an indication of will and readiness, and transparency implies knowing how to look beyond a glass object. It means observing the world with transparency and purity.

If you start with this vision and your desire is to balance the energies of your home, giving that much sought-after touch of refinement, you just need to know the latest trends in the collection of objects that we are about to offer you.

We took inspiration from the collection reproduced at the Salone del mobile 2022, in which i glass vases they were absolute protagonists. Whether it is indoor or outdoor spaces such as gardens, they are the ideal objects to enrich the house aesthetically and spiritually.

The first trend that we let you discover is the one suitable for different styles of furniture, it is the vases Egg KLIMCHI Hobnail. Versatile, undemanding, but unconventional, they are literally crystal eggs with different shades and colors. On the surface they have motifs with 3D spheres that make the oval shape unique and special.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a neutral style, but whose revolutionary shape transcends the conception of a simple vase, opt for the collection Mist by Nude by Tamer Nakisçi. You will feel like you are observing the waves of the sea, because they are vases with a wavy and smooth shape, and they are available in different colors with neutral shades. This is the case where it is the shape that gives an extra touch, leaving the rest of the look crystal clear and pure.

Finally, one last gem that will make everything even more unique and refined is the choice of colors. If your intent is to make the home atmosphere intimate and dreamlike, as if you were moving to another dimension, but at the same time you want it to be refined, choose the following colors. Associating some typical marine style details will make everything fresher and more relaxing.

crystal vases

(Collage from Pinterest)

From ultramarine blue, to Egyptian blue, and even sapphire, or even periwinkle, orchid, and all those shades of purple reminiscent of amethyst, the stone that awakens inner intuition. The external environment reflects your personality and worldview.

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