Cultivated chicken meat: made with vegetable proteins

Cultivated chicken meat: made with vegetable proteins

A start-up from the Zurich Polytechnic University has developed cultivated chicken meat: the vegetable alternative to the most popular white meat

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It has the same characteristics as chicken, one of the most loved and consumed meats in the world, but it is completely eco-sustainable.

This is the 'cultivated chicken', or the alternative to vegetable-based chicken.

It is carried out by a start-up of the Zurich Polytechnic, which has succeeded, starting from pea flour, to reproduce almost perfectly the consistency and characteristics of chicken meat.

The project, led by researcher Lukas Boni, could revolutionize and improve our eating habits, and even help the planet.

The vegetable alternative to chicken meat has the potential to severely limit greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, 18% of the total of these gases that are harmful to the atmosphere are produced and emitted by intensive poultry farms scattered around the world: if the plant alternative were able to enter our eating habits, the whole ecosystem would benefit.

What exactly is the "cultivated chicken"?

The 'planted chicken' reproduces, even visually, the classic slices of chicken breast, and also has the structural characteristics of white meat, but in reality it is made thanks to the vegetable proteins contained in the pea flour.

The project originated a few years ago when Boni, a graduate in food sciences, began to study turnip. Boni realizes that the proteins of this vegetable have the form of long filaments and that, by processing and crushing them, they manage to absorb a lot of water and can therefore be treated like a normal dough.

From the turnip, the scholar is then passed to the peas, thinking in particular of the flour derived from the legume, notoriously rich in proteins.

The expert was thus able to perfectly reproduce the appearance of a normal slice of white meat, thanks to the careful dosage of water and a precise processing technique of the dough, which also gave the 'planted chicken' the right consistency fibrous.

But it does not end here, because Boni and his staff have succeeded in reproducing with vegetable proteins not only the appearance, but also the taste of chicken breast.

"We want to offer consumers a meat substitute that is respectful of the environment and animal-friendly." – said the head of the project – "A product that also satisfies the cultural dimension of meat consumption, that is, that pleases the palate"

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