Culture bonus for young people: here is who it is and how to request it

Culture bonus for young people: here is who it is and how to request it

The culture bonus also returns in 2022. From March 17, applications are open to request it. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The bonus provides for 500 euros of expenditure, which can be used through vouchers and useful for purchasing goods and services that can serve the cultural growth of the beneficiary.

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Introduced by the Renzi government in 2013, was created with the aim of guaranteeing young people access to books, DVDs, theater and cinema tickets, additional training courses and other services useful for their personal culture.

Obviously this year it is boys and girls born in 2003 who can take advantage of the culture bonus, who will therefore have turned 18 by 31 December 2021.

Furthermore, with the Budget Law 2022 the culture bonus has become a structural measure and therefore, unlike what happened until 2021, it will no longer need to be confirmed from year to year.

The Maneuver also has set an expenditure ceiling of 230 million euros per year. In any case, how is it possible to request the bonus and what does it consist of specifically?

Culture bonus: who is entitled to and what does it foresee

The Culture Bonus, as we have anticipated, it is up to all those who have turned 18 by 31 December 2021.

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Applications are open from March 17, as we said. We specify immediately that there is time to apply until August 31, 2022, while to spend the bonus until February 28, 2023.

In the event that there is still some unspent money left as of February 28, 2023, these will no longer be usable in any way, so in essence they will be lost.

But how to apply exactly? 18-year-olds interested in receiving the bonus they must download the 18App application or register on the website. To do this, they must use the Spid digital identity credentials or the electronic identity card and must in any case be resident in the Italian territory or in possession of a valid residence permit.

After registration electronic shopping vouchers can be created. At this point the applicant boy must choose the type of merchant (physical or online), the area and the type of good they want to buy, indicating the amount.

The amounts of the vouchers they are deducted from the online “wallet” upon validation of the purchase by the merchant.

We emphasize that each voucher is individual and nominative and can only be spent by the person who registered.

What the Bonus can be used for

Let’s start by saying that, Compared to previous years, the list of purchases that can be made with the culture bonus money has also increased.

The culture bonus it can be used to purchase tickets for theatrical and cinematographic performances, live performances, museum entrances, exhibitions, cultural events, monuments, galleries, archaeological areas and natural parks.

Also with the 500 euro voucher you can buy books (including audio books and electronic volumes), you can subscribe to newspapers (both in paper and digital format, while until last year it was possible to do so only for the paper version), but also to pay for foreign language courses, of music and theater.

This sum can also be exploited to buy CDs, musical DVDs, vinyl records and music tracks online, single audiovisual works, distributed on physical support or in digital format.

A clarification must be made: the 500 euros cannot be used to pay for the subscription to platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The culture bonus, as we have anticipated, can be spent in any case both in physical and online stores that adhere to the initiative. On the portal you can find all the participating points of sale through a search by name, address and Municipality, in the case of physical stores, or only by name, in the case of online ones.

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