Cumin, antioxidant and digestive, discover its properties

Cumin, antioxidant and digestive, discover its properties

Did you think cumin seeds had the only use as a spice in the kitchen? In reality they are a treasure trove of beneficial properties.

All the healing properties of 5 excellent spices for health

Cumin is not only a perfect aromatic spice to flavor dishes, but it boasts numerous virtues, that's what it's good for.

The thousand virtues of cumin
Similar to fennel and anise seeds, caraway seeds have a bitter and pungent taste. Rich in iron, they are extremely suitable for the diet of those suffering from anemia and women during the cycle. They can help counteract excess cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as help strengthen the immune system and hinder the appearance of osteoporosis. Good news for those on a diet: cumin is a valuable ally for those who want to lose weight.

A study conducted at an Iranian university has in fact highlighted how cumin seeds stimulate the body to burn excess fat. In addition, it has carminative qualities, that is, it fights the formation of abdominal swelling, to the advantage of a flat stomach. Cumin seeds contain flavonoids, minerals and vitamins, it is therefore an interesting spice also from a nutritional point of view. Excellent aid for the digestive system, or to treat the respiratory tract, it also plays an effective role in regulating blood sugar levels, an extremely useful property for those suffering from diabetes.

If you have a stomach ache and you feel heavy after a demanding meal, prepare a cumin seed herbal tea, obtained by infusing a spoonful of cumin seeds in boiling water for 5 minutes before filtering it, it will prove extremely useful. The nutritional composition of cumin gives it antioxidant power. To preserve the antioxidants it contains as much as possible, it is preferable to consume it in whole seeds, rather than crushed or ground. It also rightfully belongs to the detox spices, which can help the body to purify and detoxify itself.

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