Cure colds quickly: with zinc it is possible

Sore throat: natural remedies

To cure colds, medicines are no longer the best solution: thanks to zinc tablets, ailments will be just a bad memory

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More and more people who, to treat colds, rely on natural remedies (here are the aromatic herbs that can help you), or in any case put aside the medicines to avoid filling up with substances that our body can do without , such as acetylsalicylic acid, which makes up the very common aspirin. Among the various natural methods, we find lemon, ginger, garlic and onion, suffixes, but above all zinc, which has proved to be a great discovery.

In general, zinc has always been considered a fundamental mineral for good health, excellent for strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of infections of various kinds, recommended by both naturopathy and general medicine. In particular, if used to treat a cold, it drastically reduces its duration: in terms of percentages, it reduces it by about 40%. A significant figure, considering that to obtain a similar effect a minimum of 75 milligrams taken through supplements in tablets is enough.

Obviously, it should not be thought that zinc is miraculous: its effectiveness in curing colds depends not only on the dosage, but also on the frequency of intake. For example, if it is taken only on the day the first symptoms appear, it will certainly not be effective. What is needed is a constant and daily intake of food supplements containing this precious mineral. The question of the dosage also applies to medicines: often, if they do not take effect, it is because too low an amount of active ingredient is taken.

However, care should be taken not to overdo the dosage: an amount of zinc greater than 90-100 milligrams per day (depending on age and build) lowers the immune system and only risks worsening the situation. To fully enjoy the potential of zinc, without exceeding the doses or not taking enough of them, it is possible to take advantage of the synergy with other supplements, such as echinacea and vitamin C, essential for treating colds.

Zinc can also be found in many foods: first of all fish, especially in cooked oysters. Considerable quantities are also found in cereals, in some cheeses such as parmesan, in meat (especially bovine) and in dark chocolate. It is clear that a healthy and well balanced diet is the best choice to have all the mineral salts that you need, especially if you want to recover from ailments.

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