Curly hair: care, cuts and better products

Curly hair: care, cuts and better products

Curly hair has great appeal, but it needs great care: find out which are the right products and which cuts make the most of them.

A thick curly hair is a gift that many women would have liked to receive from mother nature. Those who have had this privilege, however, have to deal with many problems.

As beautiful as they may be, curly hair is in fact very delicate and very small errors are enough to ruin them (often) irreparably. If you are naturally curly, we have some suggestions for you: in this article we will explain you the products and the cuts to enhance your curly hair, and also how to take care of them in the best possible way.

How to take care of curly hair?

Curly hair is very popular even among the stars, who always flaunt flawless and defined hair. Even if they don't have their own stylists, you too can show off perfect curls with minimal effort.

Taking care of it is in fact less complicated than one might think: it takes really small steps to maintain an enviable crown. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind to best care for curly hair:

  • Wash your hair no more than a couple of times a week and with suitable products. Using the shampoo too often would take away even the natural oil that protects the curl from the ripple.
  • Drying for curly hair is sacred. So take all the time you need, because in order to have perfect curls, in addition to the use of the diffuser, it is recommended a slow drying and not too high temperature.
  • Watch out for the pillows. Prefer fabrics like silk and satin, which soften the rubbing and do not electrify the hair.
  • Cut the tips often, or at least do it whenever your hair starts to look "flat" at the top.

Curly hair: mistakes not to be made

Even if sometimes they are really indomitable, your curls certainly exert a great attraction on others. For this reason, take care of them every day, and avoid making these small mistakes.

  • Do not comb dry hair. Even in the presence of knots try to do without the comb: the frizzy effect is around the corner.
  • Do not rub your hair before drying it. To help shape the curl, the best way to dry curly hair is to dab it gently while still wet.
  • Do not use the hair straightener frequently. We all clearly want to change, and those born with curly hair may want to experience the thrill of seeing each other, for once, with straight hair. Too frequent use of the plate, however, risks irreparably ruining the volume and tone of your hair.
  • Avoid discoloration. This practice actually opens and damages the hair fiber, to the complete disadvantage of curls.

Curly hair: which products to use?

A flowing curly hair should be helped with specific products that fight the ripple and keep it defined. Here are the irreplaceable allies of all curly women:

  • The foam. Used on dry hair, it helps give curls a more defined shape. There are different types on the market, choose the one that suits you best, preferring those with medium hold.
  • Moisturizing mask. The curls tend to dry out very easily, and for this reason they should be hydrated after each wash. You can help yourself with a shea butter mask.
  • Low poo shampoo or conditioner is perfect because it does not create foam or dry hair, but nourishes it to the root.

Cuts for curly hair: which to choose?

Who said that with curly hair you can not indulge in original and fashionable cuts? Striking proof of this are the stars who in recent years have shown themselves with hairstyles that the most daring might decide to imitate.

When choosing the most suitable haircut for you, you must first consider your type of face. If it is round, you can opt for a medium length, also wanting an asymmetrical cut. Don't be afraid to bet on the fringe too: the 1980s have returned to the fore, and you can take advantage of it.

Try different hairstyles with curly hair

Those who have more pronounced features should instead prefer a long cut, perhaps rebellious and voluminous, so as to "soften" the facial features a little. He also promoted variants with side tufts.

Finally, if you have a thin and minute face, get rid of the short cuts, especially if your curl is quite soft and not too tight. Alternatively, choose a bob for a glamorous and sophisticated look like that of Hollywood divas.

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