Curly hair: how to keep them beautiful even in summer?

Curly hair: how to keep them beautiful even in summer?

Curly hair is difficult to manage, especially in summer with heat, sun, humidity, sweat, salt and chlorine. Here is a guide to having them beautiful and healthy!

Curly hair is perhaps the most difficult to manage in the summer, because sun, humidity, salt, chlorine and sweat are enemies of their volume and definition and, added together, are a deleterious cocktail. In summer it is therefore essential to take care of it even more, with small attentions, specific products and tips to keep the natural curly hair, defined, without frizz, voluminous, soft and healthy.

Starting from the protective and curative products during sun exposure, to those that counteract the harmful effects of the sea or the pool, specific detergents, moisturizers and nutrients, styling products and hairstyles, we discover how to keep curly hair beautiful, even in summer !

On the beach, use sun protection even for the hair, just like the skin

Hair, especially in summer when it is exposed to the sun, both at the sea, in the pool or in the mountains, needs protection and sunscreens, just like the skin. It is good to use specific products for dry, dry and brittle hair, especially if they are treated, colored or bleached curls. In this way, in addition to being protected from UVA and UVB rays, they are at the same time nourished and hydrated, to counteract also the effect of sea water and therefore of salt, but also of the chlorine of the pool or of the wind in the mountains elements that help dehydrate them.

Hair cleansing is an essential step that should not be underestimated

One step that could compromise the success of a curly hair styling is cleansing. It looks like a superfluous product, but a good specific shampoo can counteract the frizz and dry effect. On the contrary, with unsuitable shampoos, the hair could be electric and dry out even more. But we must not exaggerate and, despite the heat, sweat and swimming in the sea or in the pool, it is better to wash them no more than 2/3 times a week, to avoid stressing them unnecessarily and degreasing them too much.

However, it is very important to rinse them with plenty of running water after each bath, to eliminate any residual salt or chlorine, which weakens and dries the hair. Once out of the water it is good to rinse them immediately, and even if we stay on the beach without diving, in the evening it would still be good to jump in the shower, to be sure of eliminating any residue, even of salt carried by the wind.

Using balms and masks is essential to restore proper hydration and attention to the brush

Curly hair tends to break more than smooth hair, because knots are naturally formed that, brushing them from dry, could break the hair due to too much force and pressure. Better to use wooden combs with very wide teeth and comb them only after applying the balm or mask, which will already have helped to untangle them. Alternatively you can use your fingers to gently loosen the knots.

It is important to use specific balms and masks after the sun or in any case with very nourishing and moisturizing factors, such as coconut oil, argan oil, keratin and shea butter, with the restoring power for the hair fiber. There are also excellent leave-in products, balsams to be applied that do not rinse, perfect for more frizzy curls that are then tamed.

Then choosing alcohol-free styling products is ideal, because it is an element that helps to dry the hair and ruin it. You can apply a small amount of oil to keep them soft and nourished, aloe gel or flaxseed to define the hedgehog or creams to define them and revive them between each wash.

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On the beach, protecting curls with sunscreens and ad hoc hairstyles becomes essential

Using adequate products is not enough, you need to take preventive action: on the beach, or in any case in the sun, it is good to use specific sprays and oils with sun filters, to counteract UVA and UVB rays. It is good then to protect them with hairstyles gathered like braids and cignon, but also hats and bands, to show off a fashionable look and at the same time do the good of our curls.

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