Curly hair: the hair to copy for cuts and hairstyles

Curly hair: the hair to copy for cuts and hairstyles

Curly is beautiful: curly hair is back in vogue

Hedgehog is beautiful: if once you got mobilized with the cry "Girl Power", today you do it with the "Curly Power" one: all curly women, eager to restore dignity and respectability to their wavy hair, and rebel against the dictatorship of straight hair at all costs, after years of stretching, wild plates and brushes, they even founded a movement, the "Curly Pride" which already organized a flash mob last year and a campaign in the square, "Rottama la piasta", last October in Rome.

For years, the hedgehog has been associated with disordered hair and smooth with cured and disciplined hair. But who said that curly hair must be Serie B hair? Even if in classical iconography the princesses show off long and smooth hair like silk, the hedgehog has always given volume and panache to the hair and sensuality to the appearance. In a moment, this, in which the animalier dominates in fashion, what better than a wild and leonine hair?

Even the permanent ones, after years of oblivion, are experiencing a moment of revival, perhaps in softer and more natural forms. How many women persist in stressing their hair with the straighteners and then, in the summer, letting them dry in the sun, they notice that with curly hair they are much more beautiful and natural? Now on the market there are many products suitable for curly hair: shampoos, masks, conditioners, detangling mousse and specific hair dryers. (Also read: How to dry wavy hair)

The same celebrities enjoy changing, showing up on the most important red carpets once smooth, another curly. To demonstrate that both hair of equal value and level are. Indeed, Beyoncé, when she performs with her thick lion hair, is more beautiful than ever.

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