Cyclex, how the new workout with gym bikes and dumbbells works


Among all the innovations proposed in the latest edition of Rimini Wellness (the fitness and wellness fair), this is one of the most popular and popular. Is called Cyclexand it is the new method of training on a stationary bike which involves all the muscles.

The secret of Cyclex’s success? Turn the gym bike into a fitness program, add upper body choreography, and make you sweat and have fun to the beat of the music!

Inspiration comes from London

The format was developed by Alice Elam in collaboration with Mirko Leve and under the supervision of Alfredo Venturi, president of Icyff (Indoor Cycling and Fitness), in 2019. Then, the pandemic and the forced stop at gyms arrived.

«In the meantime we have held online courses for instructors, training about 200 all over Italy. And now, from the north to Sicily, there are dozens of centers offering this workout. To find out where it is practiced, you can ask directly to the Icyff sports clubwhich he can direct to the right place ”, explains Mirko Leve, trainer and co-creator of the format.

But when and how was Cyclex born? “Alice Elam and I visited several fitness clubs in London, noting that a similar method already existed and was a great success. So, thanks to our twenty years of experience, we decided to create an Italian format that, in addition to pedaling, it also involved the upper body through the use of weights and push-ups “.

The result is a workout that combines gym pedaling with fitness. And it differentiates it from the more well-known spinning there is. «Classic indoor cycling involves the simulation of an outdoor bike path reported on the saddle of a stationary bike. While the Cyclex is a total body fitness activity done on a stationary bike, which also attracts a younger audience. Because it is less technical, but still a training and fun discipline as it is practiced to the rhythm of music ”, explains Mirko Leve.

How the “laughs” take place

You get on an indoor cycle (the ones found in all gyms) and start pedaling, weights in hand and rhythm in your ears. “There are two types of lessons. There smart ride, it’s a short lesson (laughs) that lasts 30 minutes. Ideal in the lunch break or in spare time. Although in a reduced version, it is still effective as it is a high intensity workout. While the normal version (XL laughs) lasts 50 minutes. Both, however, are structured with a warm-up, a part of the actual training and the final phase of cool-down and stretching », explains the expert.

In the middle phase, exercises are performed to also involve the muscles of the upper body. “There are the pushups (push down) and the lifting of light weights, from 1 or 2 kg. In practice, the classic exercises for biceps, shoulders and pectorals that are normally done in the weight room are brought back to the bike. Music also counts a lot because, beyond giving a rhythm to fitness training, it allows you to live an engaging experience », continues Mirko Leve.

A training suitable for everyone

Like all fitness disciplines, Cyclex has no particular contraindications. The benefits are the same, all of which can be seen with practice over time.

«Aerobic activity helps to lose weight and, by working on all muscle groups, tones up. This workout then releases tensions and creates involvement thanks to the music and empathy that is created with the rest of the group and with the instructor “, underlines the trainer.

Tips to tackle Cyclex at the top

If you are curious to try the Cyclex, here are the tips to follow to make the most of your ride. “The first time it is better to ask the instructor for help, who will adjust the bike according to height and weight, adjusting the inclination to avoid knee problems,” says the expert. In the bag it is good to put water and a towel to wipe away the sweat.

«As for the outfit, unlike the classic indoor cycling where the clothing is like a cyclist, Cyclex requires a fitness one. Practically, no need for technical cycling shorts, because there is little time to sit. If anything, for greater comfort, technical shoes could be used if the bike has quick-release pedals. But, in any case, you can pedal easily even with normal sneakers ».

And does indoor biking have special requirements? “Although it is a format designed on the latest Technogym bike models, which has a particular handlebar for supporting the hands and supports for weights behind the saddle, it can also be practiced on other bikes”, explains the trainer. So, get in the saddle and start pedaling.

If you want to try Cyclex at home

The good old exercise bike is not suitable for total body training: you need a more modern tool, equipped with a flywheel suitable for pedaling out of the saddle. So the basic requirement is to have one indoor cycling bike. But beyond the type of bike there are basic exercises that everyone can do.

Don’t have weights? «You can use the half-liter bottles that are able to grip better than the more capacious ones. Push-ups can be done easily by leaning on the handlebars and flexing your arms », explains Mirko Leve.

And the music? That must never be missing, because the pedaling and the exercises should compose a small rhythm choreography. A tip for following a ride from home is to connect from your PC or smartphone to the official Icyff Tv Youtube channel open everyone with video of events and lessons. Good fun!

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