DAD, how babysitting bonuses work

DAD, come funzionano i bonus baby sitter

The latest law decree of the Draghi government provides for a series of aid to support working parents: what are the new rules for obtaining them

The increase in infections and the consequent passage of various Regions to the red zone has again led to the closure of schools and kindergartens and forced millions of students home to struggle – once again – with distance learning. A situation that has put in serious difficulty – again – parents, struggling with a difficult management of children and work.

With the Decree Law of 13 March, in force since Monday 15 March, the Government intervened with a series of measures aimed at giving support to working parents, anticipating new parental leave and baby sitter bonuses thanks to an allocation of 280 million euros. , pending the Support Decree, pending approval.

Baby sitter bonus, who is eligible

The new babysitter bonus is provided for self-employed parents (both registered in the separate INPS management, and self-employed persons registered with another social security institution), the forces of the security, defense and public rescue sector, law enforcement agencies and health workers with children under the age of 14. These categories have the possibility of opting for a contribution for the payment of babysitting services, until 30 June 2021, up to a maximum overall limit of 100 euros per week.

Currently it is an extension for those who had already applied for the bonus through the past provisions. The bonus, as already happened previously, will therefore be paid through the family booklet in which the parent must enter the occasional benefits he received by 30 April 2021. The bonus can also be paid in case of use summer camps and supplementary services for children (in the latter case, however, it is incompatible with the use of the nursery bonus).

In addition, the bonus can only be used if the other parent does not access other protections or leave or Covid leave.

How to apply for the babysitter bonus

The INPS will establish the operating procedures for accessing the bonus and on the basis of the applications received, will monitor and communicate the results to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Applications are currently closed, but it is likely that the same procedures as provided for by the previous legislation will be maintained for the 2021 baby sitter bonus application. According to the latter, to request the financial contribution, the application must be submitted to INPS, through the specific procedure activated by the Institute:

  • online, through the special web application available on the INPS web portal (Services and services> All services> Alphabetical order> Baby sitting services bonus), accessible directly from the home page of the INPS site;
  • by contacting the free services offered by patronages.

Applications are generally accepted on the basis of the chronological order of submission, until the available funds are exhausted.

Smart working and parental leave, how they work

For employees, parents of cohabiting children under the age of sixteen, alternatively to the other parent, the possibility of performing work in agile mode until June 2021 is provided for:

  • for a period corresponding in whole or in part to the duration of the suspension of teaching activities in the presence of the child;
  • for the duration of the son's SARS Covid-19 infection;
  • as well as for the duration of the child's quarantine arranged by the prevention department of the local health authority (ASL) with territorial jurisdiction following contact wherever occurred.

The request can be retroactive and cover the period from January 1, 2021 onwards. For work services that cannot be carried out in smart working, the Government has allowed dependent working parents with cohabiting children under the age of 14 to abstain from work for the same conditions listed above.

Furthermore, again in the event that it is not possible to work in an agile mode, the Law Decree provided for the payment of an extraordinary allowance equal to 50% of the salary in favor of the parents of children under the age of 14 or with severe disabilities.

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