Damiana to improve digestion and control appetite

Damiana to improve digestion and control appetite

Also known by the name of Turnera Diffusa, this plant is originally from Mexico

Damiana, also known by the name of Turnera diffuse, is a shrub native to Mexico. When naming it, several benefits need to be called into question. In this category, it is possible to mention the improvement of the efficiency of digestion. Considered among the best natural aphrodisiacs, damiana is also known for its effects related to appetite suppression.

Noteworthy in this regard is a 2013 study, which involved a team from the University of Liverpool. The experts in question recruited a group of 58 normal-weight or slightly overweight women. The latter were invited to consume a patented formulation based on damiana, yerba mate, guarana with the addition of a soluble fiber based on inulin 15 minutes before meals.

At the follow-up, it was possible to notice a short-term reduction of hunger in women included in the group invited to the exclusive consumption of the aforementioned mixture (without the integration of soluble fiber). Despite the promising results of this research, considering the small number of women included in the sample, further confirmations are needed before we can speak of damiana as a decisive plant in weight management.

We could go on and on about the benefits of damiana! This plant – used in alternative medicine to treat asthma and headache – is also characterized by the presence of flavonoids. Their effects were investigated in a joint 2018 study, a research work that saw experts from different academic and health realities in Mexico at work (e.g. the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste in La Paz.

The researchers analyzed the influence of damiana extract on the renal mitochondria of some diabetic rats. At follow up, it was possible to bring to light a preventive effect relating to the oxidative stress of the kidneys of the specimens mentioned above.

Distinguished by an interesting anti-inflammatory efficacy, damiana can be taken in the form of a dry extract, but also by referring to homeopathic remedies or mother tincture. by virtue of its ability to lower blood sugar, it must be taken very carefully if you suffer from diabetes. Regarding safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is advisable to ask for information from your doctor.

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