Damiano dei Maneskin: ex-girlfriend Lucrezia and the relationship with Victoria

The love for Lucrezia Petracca and the bond with Victoria: the private life of Damiano, leader of the Maneskin

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Ex-girlfriend Lucrezia Petracca and the relationship with Victoria De Angelis: Damiano of the Maneskin has always been very reserved about his private life. The band's frontman is a great performer on stage, born to be in the spotlight, but he also cares a lot about his privacy.

Today there is no girlfriend next to Damiano, but in the past he lived an intense relationship with Lucrezia, a girl far from the world of entertainment. Their love ended in 2017, shortly after the Maneskin conquered the X Factor, starting a long career full of successes, including the victory in Sanremo 2021. Twenty-two years and the sex symbol label, the leader of the band has not still found the right person for him.

On the other hand, in life it is very different from how it appears. “Anyone can do sex & drugs – he confessed to Cosmopolitan -. It's certainly not what makes you cool […] Being an artist is the good thing. Creating the art, writing the pieces … Seeing how people look at us when we are on stage: that's the best thing. Not when a picture of me comes out that I'm cool and I'm with women. I mean, it sure is cool. But after 10 minutes the feeling has already passed ”.

In the past there has been talk of a love story between Damiano and Victoria born during the long studio recordings and Maneskin tours. The two have always denied, however they claim to have a very special relationship. “We have never been together – confessed De Angelis – but it is true that we have a very intimate relationship, we are more than brothers, more than friends, more than anything. We love each other". Statements which are often followed by those of Damiano David who on a possible relationship with his colleague has always replied: "Who knows …", leaving the mystery open.

Certainly Victoria De Angelis, just like the leader of the Maneskin, is also single. "I have not had any important history – he declared, speaking of love -. I'm in no hurry, it will happen ". Meanwhile, the two define themselves as "The King and Queen of the Maneskin" and fans continue to dream.

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