Damiano's crazy looks in Sanremo

Damiano's crazy looks in Sanremo

Damiano's crazy looks in Sanremo

8 March 2021 Sanremo 2021, a Festival that will go down in history. Because to win, unexpectedly was the rock, the young, disruptive one, screamed as a necessity of life, by the Maneskin, a very young but already famous band, led by a charismatic and supersexy leader, Damiano David. The song is rock in its purest form, the lyrics equally breaking ("I'm out of my mind but different from them .. People talk unfortunately they talk they don't know what the fuck they're talking about, you take me where I'm afloat, that here I miss the air … "), and the Maneskins, all 4, are beautiful. On the stage of the Ariston they monopolized attention, made young people and others dream, and explained to the world how one can be charismatic and stage animals even at the age of 20. Because that is an innate gift, that famous X Factor, from which it all began. To accompany and emphasize their charm on stage, the magnificent clothes they wore in the four evenings in which they performed. Signed by Etro, a brand that well represents their gypsy and retro soul. Let's review the incredible looks sported by Maneskin and Damiano on stage, explained in detail by the stylist Share on Facebook +

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