D’Amico on the red carpet without Buffon. And on Seredova no comment

D’Amico on the red carpet without Buffon. And on Seredova no comment

Alena Seredova and Nasi, Gigi and Ilaria D’Amico

After a summer as absolute protagonist of covers and openings, for the liason with Gigi Buffon, captain of Juventus and the national team, proposing an almost romantic version of the classic footballer-showgirl, for Ilaria D'Amico it is time for television, championship and / or so.

Last night, for the evening of presentation of the Sky UpFront programming, the Sunday lady chose a particularly aggressive outfit: black leather sheath dress, high heels, smile for use and consumption of photographers as a must in these circumstances. For the presenter, attention was dictated not only by the ascertainment of the relevance, in the general and non-general television scene, of this increasingly complete offer, articulated on the production front of the company.

On the other hand it is only 24 hours ago the publication by the weekly Chi of the photo depicting Alena Seredova, the ex-wife of the goalkeeper, with Alessandro Nasi, a scion tied by a double thread at the Fiat house and who for some time would have woven a story with ex-Mrs. Buffon.

Obvious to study the reactions of the journalist, back from a long weekend for two in a hotel with his new partner to celebrate the milestone of 41 years. A special birthday that Gigi wanted to make special with a romantic getaway, before the professional commitments that will see them together again. She will be in the studio, as always, he between the posts on the field.

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