Dancing, Elisa and Raimondo retire, Rosalinda eliminated: the cult moments of the 7th episode

Dancing, the Isoardi-Todaro tango and Milly's emotion: the cult moments of the 1st episode

In the seventh episode of "Dancing with the Stars", Isoardi and Todaro retire, while Rosalinda is eliminated

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

In the seventh episode of Dancing with the Stars there was no lack of exciting moments, but also the twists and turns, with the elimination of Rosalinda Celentano and the choice of Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi to abandon the challenge.

Let's discover the cult and unmissable moments of the seventh episode of Dancing with the Stars.

ELISA ISOARDI and RAIMONDO TODARO RETREAT – After the sixth episode in which they had created a splendid modern choreography, Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi have made an important choice. The couple withdrew from the Ballando competition due to the host's injury and will return, perhaps, in the next episodes. “Unfortunately we have to communicate one thing – explained Todaro -. We gave it a try, I don't know how to tell you: I think Elisa deserves to go all the way and play it, Elisa deserves it and I deserve it. We are delighted to always be among the most voted couples, but we want to go out to get back to the top. If we are rescued and she recovers, then that's fine ”. Elisa Isoardi explained that she has a sprain in her tendon and could heal in three weeks. “There are possibilities to recover – he said -. We thought of the public, of the transparency we owe to them and for this reason we decided to stop ". The regulation of Dancing with the Stars allows the withdrawal and also the possibility of re-entering the competition if there is a real motivation. "We have all the reports, we are following the case and we know the conditions of Elisa Isoardi", specified Milly Carlucci.

THE RETURN OF SAMUEL PERON – After the Coronavirus positivity that prevented him from participating in Dancing with the Stars, Samuel Peron, finally healed, is back on track. This time Milly Carlucci chose him to support Vittoria Schisano after Marco De Angelis fell ill due to food poisoning. The dancer appeared very excited and faced the challenge with Rosalinda Celentano and Tinna Hoffmann with the usual determination. “The fact of being here is strange – he said -, also because the challenge in which I find myself involved is with a VIP with whom I had to start Dancing with the Stars and then, for Covid, the couple jumped. […] Now, instead of dancing with Rosalinda, I am going to challenge Rosalinda: it is a situation that is a bit paradoxical, it is particular ".

THE WORDS OF MILLY CARLUCCI – This edition of Dancing with the Stars was not at all easy for Milly Carlucci and the numerous problems that involved the cast of the show prove it. First the positivity of Peron and Scardina, then the operation of Todaro, shortly after the injury of Elisa Isoardi, the fall of Alessandra Mussolini and the food poisoning of Marco De Angelis. Milly, however, never gave up and, one week after the other, she always found the solution to every problem, showing a cool head and what it takes to be a leader. “We are about to begin the seventh episode of Dancing with the stars at the end of a difficult week – he said at the opening -, but each one in his place, and each one busy doing his job. That's what we want to do, make you smile by trying to make you spend some time together. We too have had our problems, trifles compared to general problems, for example Marco De Angelis was the victim of a rather serious food poisoning and will not be on track. We called Samuel Peron who returns to this track to replace him to dance with Vittoria Schisano ”.

THE ELIMINATION OF ROSALINDA CELENTANO – Among the most beloved characters of Dancing with the Stars, Rosalinda Celentano lost the play-off with Vittoria Schisano and Samuel Peron. One episode after another, the daughter of Claudia Mori and Adriano Celentano opened to the public, revealing a fragile and tormented soul, incredibly sweet. “My problem would be not living 24 hours a day like now, giving up on all this,” she confessed, demonstrating how important the program was for her.

THE CLASH BETWEEN ROSSELLA ERRA and GUILLERMO MARIOTTO – After Mariotto's joke in the last episode of Ballando, Rossella Erra's reaction was inevitable. “His favorite fat woman is sitting in front of him,” he said and the judge replied: “He felt fat, but I was about to say“ Cicciolina ”. A sentence that has rekindled the controversy: “Thanks for letting me go through something else – said Erra -. I take it with a smile, but let's also say that there are no people like me at home. Let's say that many people at home may not take it like me. I apologize to these people, with a smile. Now I have an idea for you. A gift: a beautiful mirror. Because maybe you don't pay much attention to it ". Mariotto's reply was not long in coming: “I no longer use mirrors, we use screens to look at ourselves. Ancient! You are ancient! ”.

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