Dancing, Elisa Isoardi is ready to get back on track after her injury

Dancing, Elisa Isoardi is ready to get back on track after her injury

Elisa Isoardi will return to Dancing with the Stars, although it is likely that an unprecedented performance is planned for her

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

The problems continue for Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro, one of the most loved couples of the new edition of Dancing with the Stars. After the injury that hit the host, fans feared that her performance on Saturday night would be skipped. But the latest news is very comforting.

In the past few hours, Elisa Isoardi's condition had appeared much worse: already in the episode of last week she had shown a conspicuous bandage on her foot, which however had not prevented her from dancing with her usual enthusiasm. But in the following days the pain had become more and more intense, so much so that she was forced to undergo a thorough examination. The result left her embittered, since she was given a cast to protect her ankle. A guest in connection with Storie Italiane, the show by Eleonora Daniele, the competitor of Dancing with the Stars explained the situation and made it clear that she wanted to participate in the Saturday evening appointment with the Rai1 talent.

The good news surprised the fans, especially since until recently it seemed really impossible that Isoardi would be back on track so soon. Milly Carlucci, who spoke to Storie Italiane to comment on the incident, also explained how Elisa's injury was quite serious and required a lot of caution. However, a source close to the program confirmed to Adnkronos that the presenter will also perform next Saturday 24 October, despite the many difficulties. And on Instagram, with a nice video in which we see her next to Raimondo Todaro, it seems to formalize her presence at Ballando.

“Strength and courage, never give up! And don't give up on it either! Tomorrow me, my ankle and Raimondo Todaro is not that we will need you … more! " – writes Isoardi on social media, inviting her fans to vote for her. For the many supporters of the Isoardi-Todaro couple, this is more than enough confirmation. However, the doubt remains: how will Elisa perform, given the impossibility of making large movements with her ankle in plaster? According to rumors, the former host of La Prova del Cuoco will remain seated and will let most of the work fall on her dance partner, making a few moves that do not force her to leverage her injured foot.

In short, once again Elisa and Raimondo find themselves facing a very difficult test. At first it was the dance teacher who had some health problems: emergency surgery for appendicitis, he had a complication that forced him to stay at home longer than expected. The couple, back on track in record time, must now face this new obstacle. But their great complicity will lead them to overcome yet another unforeseen event.

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