Dancing, Elisa Isoardi makes an appeal to Milly Carlucci

In a video posted on Instagram, the former host of La Prova del Cuoco asked Carlucci to choose a patient teacher for her

Elisa Isoardi, her life after The Test of the Cook between recipes and friends

There are situations where important changes rhymes with serenity and smile. The moment that Elisa Isoardi is experiencing responds perfectly to this description. The Piedmontese hostess, who has just left the painless end of the professional chapter of La Prova del Cuoco behind her, is experiencing a summer of joy and relaxation awaiting her new autumn engagements: the Check Up program but above all the eagerly awaited rehearsal with Dancing with the Stars.

Matteo Salvini's ex – who recently made an appeal to Antonella Clerici – after confirming her participation in the dance show with a fun post inspired by Dirty Dancing, returned to talk, through an Instagram TV video, about the special adventure waiting for her.

Just over a month is missing! Guys, am I ready? We are ready? No not yet. There will be evidence. Anyway thank you Milly for believing in me (…) Please, choose a very, very, very patient dancer. You have already seen me dance and I'm not exactly coordinated, but I believe it (…) This will be a great test for me, not only physical because I will get back in shape, but above all mental and discipline.

These are some of the words spoken by Elisa Isoardi in the short video published on her Instagram profile, during which she invited the many fans to cheer for her, pointing out that positive mental energy always comes.

The conductor of Cuneo – whose post was commented on by both the official Instagram profile of Ballando and the historical juror of the Carolyn Smith program – also revealed the details of her training in view of the start of the show.

Elisa Isoardi is dedicating herself to long walks to the sea to improve her breath as she hasn't done sports for some time. With a gorgeous smile on his lips, he confided that he had exaggerated a little at the table. Not bad because, as remembered by yourself, "a new life begins, beautiful, with a smile and a dance". A new chapter which, as mentioned above, opens after the closure of a path that lasted for years and which promises to be full of joy and a challenging challenge to say the least.

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