Dancing, Elisa Isoardi on Raimondo Todaro: "I entrusted myself to him"

Dancing, Peron returns to the dance floor and beats Rosalind. Elisa and Raimondo give up the race

Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro tell their experience at Dancing with the Stars

The path of Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro in Dancing with the Stars was fraught with obstacles and yet extremely fascinating. The time has come for them to pull the strings of an experience that left both of them breathless, giving life to a feeling that made the audience dream.

This edition of Dancing with the Stars, now one step away from the conclusion, was full of twists. One of the couples most appreciated by viewers is that formed by Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro: several times the two have found themselves in difficulty, due to health problems that seemed ready to break their dream, but with enormous willpower. they always got up. And now they have reached the final, thanks to a return to the stage that surprised everyone – including the judges.

In an interview with the weekly Gente, they both told each other with an open heart, bringing their deepest emotions to the surface. The enormous complicity that Elisa and Raimondo shared from the very first moments in Ballando had made everyone hope for a love story, but up to now they themselves have always talked about a splendid friendship and affection that binds them. Now, from Isoardi's words, we can understand how important it was for her to deepen the bond with her dance teacher.

“Before I didn't know how to abandon myself to a man, now I can melt and it's beautiful” – explains the talented presenter – “I trusted him and entrusted myself to him. Raimondo was exceptional in knowing how to wait for me ”. At first, Elisa found it hard to let go: "The first time we tried the embrace of the tango it took an hour and a half for me to melt".

It is his truest soul, the one that came to light in this long journey in Ballando: "Behind such rigidity there is my story. That of the 16-year-old girl who arrives in Rome from the Piedmontese mountains with a mission: to work and get busy for the family, basing everything on her own strength. Alone with my sense of duty ". Then something changed, and Todaro was the architect of an incredible transformation.

“Now, thanks to Ballando and the bond with Raimondo, I have stopped thinking of duty, power, knowing how to do it alone. The magic of this show taught me that you arrive alone, but together you go beyond ”- says Elisa Isoardi. For his part, Raimondo is aware of having had a fundamental role: "She was suspicious and her strong emotionality led her to want to keep everything under control, even in dance, unexplored land until then".

And again: "I've always seen her as a beautiful, sensual woman, but she didn't feel like that at all. I told him, I pointed it out to him, I repeated it, almost as if it were training for self-esteem ". The result? The performances that the couple gave us during this edition of Dancing with the Stars speak for themselves: the sensuality they emanate from their movements and their harmony made us dream.

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