Dancing, Elisa Isoardi talks about the feeling that binds her to Todaro and clarifies

Elisa Isoardi sheds light on the type of relationship she has established with Raimondo Todaro. He, however, says he is ready to get back on track

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

After the appendicitis operation, Raimondo Todaro is ready to return to the dance floor at Dancing with the Stars. A great joy for Elisa Isoardi who had to face the last episode of the show alone. In addition, the two have shown that they have a great harmony, so much so as to whet the imagination of fans about their possible flirtation.

Everyone is wondering: between Isoardi and Todaro was born something more than a simple friendship? To clarify how things really are, the showgirl took care of it. Elisa, interviewed by the weekly Chi, said she had a lot of respect for her dance partner, but still considered herself single.

Everything that happens and has happened so far with Raimondo has happened in there and concerns only music and dance. Todaro is a serious, responsible and respectful teacher and the same is true for me as a student

However, he does not deny that something could happen once the curtain falls on this edition of Dancing with the Stars:

I do not exclude anything a priori – said Isoardi -, but 'if', it will be after Ballando. For now we have heart, mind and body just for the dance.

In conclusion. The two are extremely focused on their work and the race. Todaro, now more than ever, wants to get back on the dance floor and devote himself to dance. On the other hand, the operation was an unexpected stop for him that frightened him and put him in serious trouble. The dancer in fact told DiPiùTv magazine that the surgery was more complicated than he expected and that, for this reason, it will take a little longer to recover.

Raimondo, however, is determined to end this television season alongside Elisa Isoardi. Finally, he returned to talk about the relationship he managed to establish with Francesca Tocca, his ex-wife and mother of his daughter:

Even though we separated a year ago, we live only five hundred meters away. We are still a big family. […] We are linked by a good that goes beyond no longer being husband and wife.

According to their words, therefore, Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro are, at least for the moment, only great friends and very close-knit colleagues. Will there be any surprises in store for us in the future?

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