Dancing, Lucrezia Lando and Marco De Angelis fall in love

Dancing, Lucrezia Lando and Marco De Angelis fall in love

After "Dancing with the Stars" Lucrezia Lando and Marco De Angelis came out announcing their relationship

The latest edition of Dancing with the Stars reserved many surprises and twists, even a few weeks after its conclusion. Lucrezia Lando and Marco De Angelis on social media have announced their relationship.

In Milly Carlucci's Saturday night show she won paired with Gilles Rocca while he was Vittoria Schisano's partner.

During the rumors and indiscretions program there seemed to be a special feeling between the young dance teacher and Gilles Rocca, who happily engaged with Miriam Galanti, has always denied.

And in fact, the truth was different: the two dancers in fact published the same tender photo on their Instagram profiles in which they announce their love story. A shot at sunset in which Lucrezia and Marco exchange a very sweet look, accompanied by a simple heart. Moreover, no words are needed when an image is enough to describe everything.

The two posts obviously got full of likes and comments, especially from fans who imagined the relationship between the two: "You two are wonderful!", "You are beautiful". And Lucrezia herself, under her partner's post, wrote jokingly: "But then it's official!", Accompanying the comment with a laugh emoji and an inevitable little heart.

However, someone had guessed that between the two there could be a liason: during Dancing with the Stars both had been hit by severe food poisoning, so much so that their respective partners Gilles Rocca and Vittoria Schisano danced alone. Just this coincidence had made viewers suspicious, who had hypothesized that the two dance masters were dating.

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