Dancing, Lucrezia Lando reveals the real reasons for leaving Marco De Angelis

Dancing, Lucrezia Lando reveals the real reasons for leaving Marco De Angelis

After the end of "Dancing with the Stars", Lucrezia Lando reveals the real reasons for leaving Marco De Angelis

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Lucrezia Lando reveals the real reasons for leaving Marco De Angelis. The dancers of Dancing with the Stars said goodbye after a long love story. An important relationship, born away from the cameras of the Milly Carlucci show and kept secret. Only after the program had ended, Lucrezia and Marco had chosen to tell their love.

She was 24, he was 26, Lucrezia and Marco seemed very much in love, until the farewell, which arrived suddenly and was announced by Lando herself. After the victory in Dancing with the Stars, paired with Gilles Rocca, the dancer has in fact decided to focus solely on her career.

Lucrezia explained that she left her partner because the passion between the two was over, but above all because, at least for now, in her life there is only room for dance and not for love. “Right now for me there is only dance – he confessed to the weekly DiPiù, revealing the reasons for the break – […] I feel the need to focus on myself, think about my projects and take advantage of all opportunities. A couple can experience a moment of difficulty, fragility and reflection ”.

"I wish him all the best in the world – added Lucrezia, speaking of her ex-boyfriend – but in this period I decided to devote myself more to myself, as I had never done before". Lando then stressed that the end of the bond would come after a long discussion with the dancer from Dancing with the Stars. “Marco De Angelis thinks like me”, he concluded.

In the meantime, Milly Carlucci is working to create the new edition of Dancing with the Stars. As every year, the program will air from the Rome Auditorium and, according to some rumors, it will start next October 16. The hostess has already announced that she has confirmed the show's entire jury. Judging the competitors' performances, therefore, there will be Fabio Canino, Ivan Zazzaroni, Selvaggia Lucarelli, Carolyn Smith and Guillermo Mariotto. “Beyond the dance, the people who try hard to dance, the beauty of the program is the jury, because it is varied – he explained -. There are those who judge the dance, who the behavior, who the judge who is criticizing. It's a show within a show. I wouldn't change anything because that jury represents the public as a whole ”.

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