Dancing, Maykel Fonts could skip the final: the future of Alessandra Mussolini

Dancing, Maykel Fonts could skip the final: the future of Alessandra Mussolini

For the final of Dancing with the Stars, Alessandra Mussolini may have to do without Maykel Fonts

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Yet another difficulty arrives for Alessandra Mussolini: the competitor of Dancing with the Stars is preparing for the final, but from what has emerged in the past few hours it is possible that she will remain alone. It seems that Maykel Fonts, his dancer, is unable to get on the dance floor.

This edition of Dancing with the Stars gives no respite to its competitors. A few days before the final episode, it seems that Alessandra Mussolini's participation is at risk. As reported by TPI, his dance teacher Maykel Fonts would in fact be in isolation due to suspicion of Covid and, pending the response of the molecular test, he may not be able to perform on the stage of the Rai1 show.

Neither Mussolini nor the dancer confirmed the news, but there is already fear for the couple's beautiful journey within the program conducted by Milly Carlucci. In recent weeks, in fact, Alessandra has shown remarkable improvements and has been able to win the praise of the judges, thus finding access to the final. If Maykel really were to give up the last episode, things could get bad for the competitor.

We do not know if the production can assign a new partner to Mussolini to perform at Dancing with the Stars and thus not compromise his competition. But it will certainly not be easy for her to immediately find the right feeling with another dancer: it is inevitable that the close bond with Maykel Fonts over the course of the weeks cannot recur in just a couple of days of training.

It is also true, however, that this is not the first difficulty that Alessandra would face. During one of the last episodes, the competitor felt bad live: a performance that required numerous holds had pushed her not to eat in the previous hours, so on the track she had strong dizziness that forced her to collapse on the ground to avoid fainting. And again, a few weeks earlier, we remember that she had beaten her nose during a workout and, due to the lot of blood that came out, she had feared a fracture.

What we can say with certainty is that this edition of Dancing with the Stars has given us great emotions and many twists. Just a few days ago the public feared for Elisa Isoardi's fate, due to her injured ankle. Right now that the presenter is back in the game, it seems Mussolini is running the risk of losing the show's final.

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