Dancing, Milly Carlucci intervenes and talks about the future of the show

Dancing, Milly Carlucci intervenes and talks about the future of the show

Milly Carlucci talks about the future of Dancing with the Stars after the suspension due to a participant who tested positive for Coronavirus

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Very little was missing from the airing of the new edition of Dancing with the Stars. On September 12, the show was supposed to air, but one of the dance teachers was infected with the Coronavirus. This is a problem that has put the preparations on hold and doubted the possibility of starting the show on the scheduled date. To explain the situation, Milly Carlucci intervened.

Samuel Peron, after having been in Sardinia for work reasons, just as happened to other VIPs, contracted the Coronavirus. Despite being asymptomatic, the news triggered all security protocols. The rehearsals of Dancing with the Stars, consequently, have been suspended to allow to sanitize the environments and control all the participants of the show.

At this week’s examination – confirmed Milly – Samuel Peron tested positive, albeit asymptomatic. At this point, a 48-hour precautionary block was immediately triggered on Dancing with the Stars.

Carlucci also denied the rumor that Rosalinda Celentano, competitor of this edition and Samuel Peron's dance partner, also contracted the virus. After some checks, in fact, the presenter was able to confirm the actress's state of health:

Rosalinda Celentano, who as Samuel's partner is the most exposed character, was swabbed and tested negative. Any rumor against it is an unfounded rumor.

Despite the reassuring news, it is still unclear whether Dancing with the Stars will actually start on September 12 as planned or will, as has already happened in the past due to the health emergency, postpone:

I am always in contact with Stefano Coletta, Rai director, who is managing this whole situation together with us who, first of all, care about everyone's health, because we need to work safely. And then we obviously try to broadcast Dancing with the Stars, but we will do it safely and in compliance with all the rules.

Waiting to receive confirmation on the show's departure date, curiosity is growing in the public for this new edition. On the other hand, the exceptional cast chosen by Milly Carlucci seems to promise twists and moments full of fun and emotions.

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