Dancing, Milly's tears, the return of Todaro-Isoardi: the cult moments of the 9th episode

Milly Carlucci

Cult moments in the ninth episode of "Dancing with the Stars": Todaro and Isoardi are back on track and Milly Carlucci gets excited

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Strong emotions and surprises in the semifinal of Dancing with the Stars which gave the public many cult moments. Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi returned to the track after a long stop, winning a place for the final, while Milly Carlucci was moved thinking of her son Patrick whom she has not seen for months. Many performances and couples who tested themselves on the show's track.

Let's discover the cult moments and the unforgettable ones.

THE TEARS OF MILLY CARLUCCI – True soul of the program, Milly Carlucci, always impeccable and composed, let herself go to the emotion during the live broadcast. The presenter was moved by the hug between Daniele Scardina and his mother. In the arms of Mrs. Mariella, the boxer dissolved in tears and even the presenter was unable to mask her emotions. "You moved me too – he said, hiding his face -. I'm a mother too, sorry ". Shortly after, Milly admitted: “It was an excited episode, I was also moved because I have to tell you, I haven't seen my son for many months. He is abroad, there is a lockdown and he cannot return to Italy. All these things here and therefore move me these embraces between mother and child ".

THE MEETING BETWEEN DANIELE SCARDINA AND THE MOTHER – Great surprise of this edition of Dancing with the Stars, Daniele Scardina talked about his difficult past and the desire for redemption, found through sport. "I grew up in Rozzano, which is home to me, but there were situations that weren't good – he explained -. Either I was in the middle of the street chasing the wrong things or chasing boxing. I saw a glimmer of light when a friend, who was in New York, told me: 'Come, I can help you'. I filled my suitcase with dreams and left. We were in a hole in five to sleep – he explained recalling the beginnings of his career -. Me on an inflatable mattress with a friend of mine. For a living, I downloaded furniture, assembled kitchens, cleaned dishes and then ran to the gym. Then I would come home in the evening and I was alone and with nothing. I was wondering: 'Why are you doing this?'. There I had my enlightenment. The Lord entered my heart and made me understand that it was the right path. I felt happy. Even if I had nothing, I had everything. I had his presence, his support. Each of us has a gift inside, you just have to live it to the fullest ”.

THE INJURY OF MAYKEL FONTS AND THE SURPRISE TO ALESSANDRA MUSSOLINI – Live injury for Maykel Fonts who, while performing with Alessandra Mussolini, was hit in the head by the competitor. Unwittingly Mussolini, during a hold, hit the dancer with her arm. Fonts, despite the pain, clearly evident from his expression, continued to dance. Shortly after he left the track and Alessandra received the surprise of her son Romano. The 17-year-old, the fruit of the love between the former politician and her husband Mauro Floriani, left his famous mother speechless. "At Ballando she showed another side of herself and so I think it was a positive experience for her – she explained -. It took them a while to convince me to come because I've never been on TV […] In the beginning you couldn't stay at home – he said -, because he put on music and rehearsed in the living room, in the kitchen. I had to study and I asked her to turn down the music. He has never done anything at an athletic level and I expected worse ”.

THE EXPLOSIVE RETURN OF ELISA ISOARDI AND RAIMONDO TODARO – Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro are back on track after the stop imposed by the foot injury of the host. Their performance was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. With a paso doble full of passion, the dancer and the presenter conquered a place in the final, beating all the high pairs in the contention for the repechage. Impossible not to be fascinated by the skill of the dancers, who from the very beginning showed a great understanding. "You have shown, despite the many difficulties you have had, what charisma is", Selvaggia Lucarelli's comment.

THE MESSAGE OF COSTANTINO DELLA GHERARDESCA – Much discussed competitor of this edition of Dancing with the Stars, in the ninth episode Costantino Della Gherardesca told about his difficult past and wanted to send a message to those who are victims of bullying. "The first thing that created problems in my life was my relationship with food, therefore fatness, obesity – he explained -. They made fun of me at school, friends made fun of me. When you are a child you feel bad. And it haunts you. […] Even now when you grow up, when the only fun left is going to a restaurant with friends, you have the ghost of eating disorders there. I continue to gain weight and lose weight, gain weight and lose weight and it is tiring. But I'm not complaining ”. The conductor then wanted to send a message to those who fight against bullies. "The very important message that I would like to convey is that we must not feel sorry for ourselves – he said -. Don't say 'poor me, I was bullied'. No, you have to get your *** out and move on. The other children made fun of me because I was fat, but I went my own way and kept stealing his snacks. I found the courage, this is what saved me ”.

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