Dancing, Morgan is tired and would like to leave already: the indiscretion

Morgan’s path to Dancing with the Stars could run out very soon despite the good start paired with the dancer Alessandra Tripoli

Dancing with the Stars 2021, the full cast

Morgan’s experience in Dancing with the Stars could end sooner than expected, at least according to what the rumors report. Roberto Alessi, director of Novella 2000, revealed the disturbances that would have risen in the artist’s soul, explaining how Marco Castoldi has already tired of the program despite the excellent results obtained.

Dancing with the stars, Morgan’s journey

The former Bluvertigo has proved to be an excellent element, gathering the satisfaction of his teacher – Alessandra Tripoli – who is putting him to the test episode after episode. The exploit of the debut convinced everyone, with a jury enthusiastic about his performance and eager to see him in other tests.

Thus he repeated himself, putting his own voice on the track and bringing himself and his artistic expression to the track. A Morgan beyond Morgan, different from the image it has proposed to us over the years and projected towards something bigger. Beyond him and, perhaps, beyond the preconceptions developed by the public who have often labeled him as the one who gives up.

The support of Asia Argento

To support his beautiful path in Ballando was also his ex-partner, Asia Argento, with whom he had his first daughter Anna Lou. The two remained on good terms despite many misunderstandings and continue to hear from each other constantly. The Roman actress, heard by Chi, said: “Every now and then we write messages, we exchange opinions on artistic ideas. I’m following him: he’s an amazing dancer, much better than I was when I took part in the show in 2016. I cheer for him ”.

However, that of Novella 2000 is an indiscretion. The work required of the competitors of Dancing with the Stars is certainly very hard, so it could just be a moment of passing fatigue. It would be a shame if Morgan left right now that the game is getting more interesting, with the competition getting more and more difficult.

Mietta returns to the race

Meanwhile, Mietta has overcome Covid and has been negativized. The artist can thus return to the track together with Maykel Fonts. The two only participated in the first episode of the program, before interrupting due to the positivity of the competitor who caused her race to stop.

Milly Carlucci can thus breathe a sigh of relief and have all the competitors back on track as she chose them. Unfortunately, Al Bano is destined to remain in stand-by until the play-off, to allow Oxana Lebedew to recover from the foot injury that hit her and forced her to leave the race.

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