Dancing, Raimondo Todaro returns: the announcement of Milly Carlucci and the happiness of Elisa Isoardi

Ballando, torna Raimondo Todaro: l’annuncio di Milly Carlucci e la felicità di Elisa Isoardi

Raimondo Todato returns to "Dancing with the Stars": this was announced by Carlucci and Isoardi, who showed all their happiness on Instagram

On Saturday evening Raimondo Todaro will return for the new episode of Dancing with the Stars: this was announced by the show's host, Milly Carlucci, who posted a video on her Instagram profile in the company of the dance teacher.

The short video was accompanied by the caption: “Dear friends, our Raimondo Todaro is back with the right spirit! See you on Saturday at 20.35 on Rai 1 ”.

“The lost sheep is back! And luckily they didn't throw you the party, ”the host said jokingly. And then he asked the dancer: "How do you feel?". Todaro enthusiastically replied: “A rock, a fairy tale, I'm fine”. And she, smiling again, commented saying: "This is the right spirit!".

Elisa Isoardi also showed all her happiness in seeing her dance partner: in the stories of Instagram, the former host of the Chef's Test appeared together with her teacher. Smiling and radiant, Isoardi melted between the kisses (on the cheeks) and the hugs of Todaro: “Look who came to see me? Oh my, how wonderful! And now let's think of something for you for Saturday ”. And then he confessed: “Now I'm very well, look at me, I smiled again. With calm, patience, sweetness… I'll take care of this! “.

Only a few days ago the forecasts for the dancer were not rosy: the surgery on the appendix, which had to be routine, turned out to be more complicated than expected because they arose who kept Todaro under the knife for about 3 hours.

Fortunately, he was discharged on Monday, revealing to his fans that he feels charged, ready to resume rehearsals together with his adventure partner Elisa Isoardi. "If it were up to me I would start today" he said in the stories of Instagram, confirming his thoughts also live on the microphones of Today is another day, in connection with Serena Bortone.

"Milly Carlucci is always very careful – he added – so we will find out day after day, they want everything to be quiet". Obviously, the procedures for carrying out the performance on Saturday evening are not yet clear: it will be necessary to understand if Elisa will have to dance alone again or if some tricks will be put in place to have Raimondo perform too.

What is certain is that the most loved couple of Dancing with the Stars will soon be back on track, to the delight of all viewers, certainly giving lots of emotions.

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