Dancing, Simone Di Pasquale criticizes Raimondo Todaro

Dancing, Simone Di Pasquale criticizes Raimondo Todaro

Simone Di Pasquale criticizes the behavior of Raimondo Todaro who left "Dancing with the Stars"

Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Tocca, the story of a love that has ended

Simone Di Pasquale criticizes Raimondo Todaro after the dancer's farewell to Dancing with the Stars. After the adventure with Elisa Isoardi on the track of the show, between injuries and tears, Raimondo announced that he will not be present in the next edition of the program. A choice communicated with an Instagram post and also commented by Milly Carlucci, host of the show.

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In fact, Milly did not hide the disappointment for Todaro's farewell in a public question and answer that left a bad taste in the mouth of the fans of Dancing with the Stars. Other historical protagonists of the show also expressed themselves on the matter, including Simone Di Pasquale, dancer and colleague of Raimondo.

"I learned the news from social media and immediately sent him a message – he told the weekly Nuovo -, but he replied in a very vague way. I also know that Milly told him she was sorry, but I prefer not to go into details. Only the two of them know what the truth is. "

The 43-year-old artist will return in the next edition of Dancing with the Stars and most likely could also participate in Il Cantante Mascherato. Simone criticized Todaro's behavior towards Milly. According to him, in fact, the dancer, present on the show since 2005, could have communicated his decision to Carlucci with a face to face. “I know Raimondo and his resourcefulness – he confided -, so if you feel like doing it, that's right. But I didn't find the discussion between him and Milly nice. If I had been in her place, instead of calling her I would have met her in person to tell her about it ".

In the meantime, Raimondo's television future is still a mystery, between revelations and denials, with some negotiations that are still underway. According to some rumors, the dancer will soon land at Amici. In fact, Maria De Filippi would have chosen him as the new dance teacher in place of Lorella Cuccarini who will remain in the cast, but will move to the singing sector. Veronica Peparini and Rudy Zerbi remain in the most famous school in Italy, while the presence of two much loved faces of the latest edition has not been confirmed: Anna Pettinelli and Arisa.

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