Dancing, the agreement between Isoardi and Todaro does not go out. But the future on the show is uncertain


The agreement between Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro does not end, but their future in "Dancing with the Stars" is uncertain

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

The agreement between Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro is skyrocketing. The presenter and the dancer continue to show their complicity even from a distance: the two during a live Instagram from their respective homes and wanted to answer some questions from fans.

During their adventure in Dancing with the Stars between Isoardi and her teacher, an impossible feeling was born that made them one of the most loved couples of the show hosted by Milly Carlucci.

The live stream on Instagram obviously went on between jokes and digs demonstrating, once again, the great harmony between Elisa and Raimondo.

One of the followers asked the couple "a strength and a defect that you recognize". Without thinking for a moment, Isoardi said: “One of Raimondo's flaws is that you never know what's in his head. There are many advantages, but what I like most is the great professionalism. And then – he said turning to his teacher – basically you and I, dear Raimondo, we do each other good “.

Todaro also gave his answer: "Your value could also be your defect: you are direct in things, you are sincere and unfiltered, but sometimes in your frankness you can also hurt". Immediate reply of the presenter: "So I touched you some nerve?".

The two, in addition to teasing each other, also talked about their adventure and why they are so loved. To answer first the dancer, who jokingly said: "Because we are two fools together!", While the presenter wanted to clarify: "Maybe because it is a real thing, I live it every minute and every second and I could not do otherwise, and I'm like that, either all or nothing ".

Then Todaro dissolved some doubts about their future in Dancing with the Stars. After her injury, Elisa has not yet fully recovered and cannot yet perform as she would like: "Our intention is to come back stronger than before", the former host of the Chef's Test wanted to underline.

Raimondo, on the other hand, explained to fans: "Unfortunately, we cannot choose anything, unfortunately, we live day by day: it depends on the whims of Isoardi's ankle". Then turning to his partner in adventure, he said: “You always throw a tantrum, your ankle every now and then!”, He joked.

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